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Greta Doppler is the mother of Helge Doppler and the wife of Bernd Doppler.

Greta is a stern mother to Helge; when he arrives home muddy one day in 1953, she forces him to disrobe in the entrance hall of the grand Doppler residence. After Helge goes missing, she implies to Noah that Bernd is not Helge's father, but rather Helge is the product of rape. She also confesses she had once hoped that God would have taken Helge away.[1]

When a physically and emotionally scarred Helge returns months later, on June 23, 1954, she kneels before him, touching him to be sure he is real, and thanking God for returning him. He does not speak or otherwise respond to her, however, and soon she has returned to her cold treatment, scolding him for not answering Egon Tiedemann's questioning. She complains about him to Noah later, saying she is frightened by him, and wonders if he is possessed by the devil, but when Greta calls Helge, the boy recognizes Noah and immediately embraces him. Greta looks to Noah in awe as he asks Helge to read a Bible passage.[2]

3 months later, Greta is seen again in Egon's office, asking if he's found any more leads. Egon replies that Helge is still hesitant to offer any more information on what happened to him, but she scoffs at him, informing Egon she was referring to Noah's mysterious disappearance, saying their church needs their pastor. Egon, whose wife suspects Noah also had something to do with Agnes's disappearance as well, asks Greta if she ever saw Noah in the company of a woman. Greta becomes offended and demands Egon to find Noah before storming out.

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