Franziska Doppler is the daughter of Peter Doppler and Charlotte Doppler and an older sister to Elisabeth. A teenager in 2019, she is a rhythmic gymnast, has perfect grades, and is considered a nerd by her fellow classmates including Jonas and Bartosz, making it all the more surprising when she starts dating the stoner Magnus Nielsen.

History Edit

Family background Edit

Franziska is close to her younger sister Elisabeth, even if they bicker sometimes. She is angry with her parents Peter and Charlotte; she can't stand that they are brushing their marital problems under the rug instead of speaking openly about them. Franziska absolutely despises the hypocrisy of people in Winden. Eventually became a member of Sic Mundus Creatus Est (the Travelers) with Magnus.

Summer of 2020 Edit

Magnus and Franziska are officially a couple. He's known for a while that she hides money in a small box beneath an abandoned railway. One day, Magnus sees someone else putting money in the box. It's Bernadette the prostitute.

Magnus comes to the wrong conclusions and is outraged with Franziska. He then learns that she is selling Bernadette prescriptions for hormones to complete her gender reassignment. Peter Doppler used to be one of Bernadette's customers and now she relies on his daughter. Franziska is sorely disappointed by Magnus' lack of trust, but she forgives him.

Magnus and Martha decide they're going to search the caves (which Katharina has been obessively searching) and are also joined by Franziska and Elisabeth Doppler. The teens are surprised to find Bartosz there with a strange device. Magnus overpowers Bartosz and the others tie him up, but he won't reveal what he's up to.

27 June 2020Edit

On the day of the apocalypse, the Stranger finds Magnus, Bartosz, and Franziska in the Nielsen house. He has a time machine with him and they all travel together at the last minute.


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