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Foxes are a recurring motif in Dark. In Western culture, the fox is associated with trickery, wile, and adaptability.


  • The wallpaper in the bunker in 1986 is decorated with foxes, hedgehogs and rabbits.
  • Mikkel Nielsen has a fox plush toy in his bed. Dark Season 1 Episode 2: "Lies"
  • Elisabeth Doppler wears a fox beanie.
  • Ulrich Nielsen says to Charlotte Doppler  "Das hier ist Winden. Hier sagen sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht" the literal translation is: "This is Winden. Here, Fox and Rabbit say goodnight" which means that Winden is a place in the middle of nowhere where nothing ever happens. [1]
  • Elisabeth Doppler sleeps hugging a stuffed fox in Season 2 Episode 1: "Beginnings and Endings".



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