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"Everything Is Now" is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Dark. It premiered on December 1, 2017.


Ulrich runs afoul of the law, Helge tries to dodge Egon Tiedemann, Claudia harnesses the cave's powers, and Katharina lashes out at Hannah.



Over close-up shots of the main characters from all years and ages, the elderly H.G. Tannhaus narrates that humankind has always been puzzled over our origin: whether we were created by God or are a product of evolution. If we could simultaneously see the beginning and end, we might find answers on what ultimately is man's purpose.

November 11, 1953[]

DARK 1x09 Dopplers 1953 worried

Bernd from 1953 decides to go to the police.

At the Doppler manor, Greta Doppler is worried about her missing son, Helge. She wonders whether he has also been murdered like the two boys found at the construction site or if he ran away after she scolded him about his dirty clothes. Bernd Doppler tells her he is going to inform the police. Meanwhile, a blood-covered Ulrich Nielsen is still outside the bunker, pondering his action.

At the police station, Daniel Kahnwald informs Egon Tiedemann that Bernd has reported his son missing. Egon mentions that a man (Ulrich) came the day before, reporting his son missing and asking about Helge. Daniel orders to send an APB but not to mention it to Bernd. Egon enters his office, where Bernd tells him that Helge disappeared at around 3:00 PM the previous day. Bernd tells him to do whatever it takes to find his son; nothing else matters.

Claudia Tiedemann and Tronte Nielsen walk through the forest, looking for Claudia's lost dog Gretchen. Claudia compliments Tronte on his hair and says all the girls in Winden will be after him. She asks him if he has a girlfriend; he shakes his head. She asks why he and his mother moved, and Tronte responds that Agnes just wanted a "change." Claudia comments that Agnes is a beautiful and elegant woman.

1x09 0006 DorisAgnes

Agnes and Doris bond together.

At the Tiedemann home, Doris Tiedemann shows Agnes Nielsen a dress Agnes has lent her. She tells Doris that she looks beautiful and can keep the dress. Doris asks how long Agnes was married: "Fifteen years." Doris tells her she's been married to Egon for nearly ten years, but Egon is not home as much now as he is devoted to his job. She asks Agnes about her husband's job; she answers that he was a pastor but not a "man of faith." Agnes states that he wasn't a good person and that she sometimes thinks it's good that he's dead and that she is free. Doris then tells Agnes she can't accept the dress.

At the Doppler manor, Greta confides to Noah, a priest at the local parish, that she never wanted her son Helge and prayed to God to rid her of him. Even after his birth, she wanted something to happen to him, as he may not be Bernd's son and wasn't "created out of love." She can't escape these thoughts. Noah tells her that we are all full of sin; no one is pure. God sent him to her and guides us to our destiny.

1x09 0008 UlrichStopped

Egon, outside the cave, arrests Ulrich.

Ulrich walks along the edge of the forest. Egon drives past him and stops his car. He tells Ulrich to stop, but he runs away from him. Egon chases after him. Ulrich heads toward the Winden Caves, but Egon manages to cut him off and lunges at him just as he nears the entrance. Ulrich recovers and continues toward the caves, but Egon shoots his gun in the air, telling Ulrich to stop and raise his hands. Egon asks him what he did to the boys at the construction site and Helge. Ulrich tells him they can't be there any longer as he changed all that: Helge is dead and won't be able to kill again. Egon tells him he is a maniac and puts a confused Ulrich in handcuffs, continuing to mutter that he changed it. Meanwhile, Helge wakes up in the bunker and gasps.

November 11, 1986[]

A young man with a ski mask over his head and a plastic sack runs through the forest. The sounds of police bulldogs are heard. He perches behind a tree and takes off his mask for breath. He places his gun in his pants and clutches a bullet wound on his upper right chest.

At the high school, teenage Katharina Albers is smoking a cigarette in the yard. Teenaged Hannah Krüger approaches her, asking if Ulrich is still in jail. She responds that they have to release him today. Hannah asks if she knows who turned him in. Katharina shakes her head but tells her if she does find out, she will finish them. Hannah suggests it might have been Regina Tiedemann. She asks if Katharina's mother will freak out if she keeps seeing Ulrich. Katharina responds that she doesn't care since love is stronger than hate: something Hannah would not understand.

1x09 0012 EgonJanaUlrich

Jana threatens Egon to avoid Mads's case.

At the police station, a disappointed Egon releases Ulrich. He hands the teenager his sneakers and tells him he knows his stare, that he is hiding something and is involved with everything. He tells him he can feel it in his bones. Ulrich suggests that it may be cancer: he should get it checked. Jana Nielsen approaches Egon and slaps his face, and tells him to stay away from her family, threatening to have him taken from Mads's case. Ulrich looks back at Egon with a smug grin.

Claudia Tiedemann climbs down into the cavern of the nuclear plant with a Geiger counter. She sees the yellow barrels, which causes the counter to beep. Suddenly, a dog comes running toward her, and she thinks it might be the long-lost Gretchen.

1x09 0017 BorisGun

Aleksander threatens the bullying couple with a gun.

After he is released, Katharina asks Ulrich why Egon has it in for him. Ulrich replies that he thinks he's the Antichrist. Katharina spots Regina walking over and shoves her. She accuses her of telling her grandfather lies about Ulrich as revenge for when they left her in the forest. She tells her that it was just a game and they would never have left her all night. She shows the bruises on her face and tells her mother caused them after the rape accusation, which was a lie. She knees Regina in the stomach, and Ulrich tells her to stop, but the fugitive young man comes toward them and yells at them to stop. Katharina tells him to mind his business, but the young man tells her to apologize. When she hesitates, he pulls out his gun. Katharina questions whether it is real. He shows her the bullets and tells them to go, threatening to hurt them if they attack Regina again. Katharina and Ulrich leave. The young man tells Regina everything will be okay but then collapses, and Regina sees he is bleeding and needs a doctor, which he refuses. She offers to bandage him at her house. The man introduces himself as "Aleksander."

Claudia drives to the Doppler mansion to meet with Bernd, leaving Gretchen in the car. She questions Bernd about the incident the previous summer. He explains there was an incident in the volume control system. Connections were corroded, and hydrogen was set off, but the reports' statements differed from what happened. He affirms that only a tiny amount of radioactive material leaked, the floors were changed, and everything was stored safely. Only a few people know about it; all were handsomely rewarded for keeping their mouths shut. He tells her not to make a big deal of it. Claudia asks if anything more happened. Bernd tells her there are no absolute truths, just stories, and she must decide what story she wants to tell.

DARK 1x09 Egon1986 peeking

Egon peeking through the Doppler cabin's window, oblivious to Helge standing inside.

Helge Doppler emerges from his bunker with a plastic bowl. His older self from 2019 is watching from behind a tree. At the police station, Egon sits in his office waiting for Helge to arrive for his meeting at 10:30 AM. After he has not shown up by 11:15, he decides to drive to Helge's. Helge hears Egon knocking but hides. Egon looks around but eventually gives up and leaves, much to Helge's relief.

Aleksander returns to the forest and places his gun and two passports into a plastic bag. One is in the name "Boris Niewald," height 172 cm, and has his picture, while the other is in the name "Aleksander Köhler," 175 cm, and has someone else's picture. Before burying the bag, he memorizes the name "Aleksander Köhler" and the birthdate of January 21, 1965. Hannah is hiding behind a tree and observing him.

At the power plant, Claudia is in her office with Gretchen. Her secretary Jasmin Trewen informs her that a friend of Regina has come and is seeking a job at the nuclear plant. This surprises Claudia as she did not think she cared about boys (or had friends). Aleksander says he is new in town, is a metal worker, and wants a chance. Claudia apologizes that she doesn't need anyone currently but might soon. He tells her he'll come by the next day. Meanwhile, Regina brushes her hair (and appears to be taking an interest in her appearance for the first time).

1x09 0030 NoahHelgeBunker

Noah and Helge work in the bunker.

In the decorated torture room of the bunker, Noah and Helge are working on the chair. Helge asks him why it doesn't work, to which Noah responds that it will: he must be patient. Helge protests that he doesn't want to continue doing this. He asks why God would want to do this. Noah tells him people who have suffered cling to hope, but there is neither a God nor a plan; the world is full of pain and chaos. He hugs Helge. Noah tells him that the world is doomed to be destroyed, but the chair is their ark, and he is Noah. They can change everything and remove the world of all evil and pain. They can create a time machine that will reorder the world.

November 11, 2019[]

Hannah takes a box from a cupboard, opens it, and takes out Aleksander's bag with the passport of Boris Niewald and the gun.

Charlotte Doppler listens to Ulrich's voicemail, explaining about Helge kidnapping the children in 1986. Suddenly, Katharina bursts through the door and slams her desk, defiantly demanding to know where Ulrich is. Charlotte tells her he is suspended, and she thought it would be better if he were with her. Katharina loses her temper, yelling at Charlotte that this isn't any better, and storms out.

DARK Still 109 - Magnus and Martha

Magnus and Martha on the couch.

Magnus Nielsen and Franziska Doppler are in bed together at the Nielsen home. Franziska tells him she has to go. He hands her the bird pendant he found under the bridge three days ago. Franziska tells him that even though they're together, that doesn't mean he has to know everything about her. Magnus tells her he doesn't want to hurt her but wants to know who she really is. She tells him, "Not today."

Martha Nielsen calls Jonas Kahnwald, but he ignores her, more interested in the red string he found on his bike. Franziska comes downstairs, exchanging greetings with Martha. Magnus walks in and sits next to Martha, who asks why they keep secrets from each other. Magnus answers that some things are best kept private.

Katharina bangs on the Kahnwald front door, demanding to know where Ulrich is. She shoves Hannah, asking her how long their affair has been going on, where they had sex, and why she enjoys destroying other people's lives. Hannah tells her it's now over. She lies that she was the one who ended it and didn't want it to begin in the first place, but Ulrich wouldn't let up and intended to leave Katharina. She tells Katharina Ulrich doesn't love her anymore, which makes her burst into tears. Hannah attempts to soothe her.

DARK 1x09 Bartosz talkswith Claudia

Bartosz talks with Claudia.

At the Tiedemann home, Bartosz Tiedemann is playing video games. He sees an old woman entering the backyard and goes to meet her. She tells him she knows who he is as she is Claudia, his grandmother. She asks if his mother is home. Bartosz is surprised about this appearance as his mother told him she died before he was born. Claudia says she is not surprised Regina told him she is dead as she was not a good mother. Bartosz asks where she was all these years. Claudia says that's a long story. She tells him she cannot wait for Regina to come home as she has things to do and gives him a photo of herself and her daughter as a teenager from before "that summer" when she made many mistakes. If she could turn back time, she would have done things differently. Meanwhile, at Waldhotel Winden, Regina stands in the empty lobby, gathering dust.

At the nuclear plant, Hannah is giving Aleksander a massage. She places the bag he buried in 1986 in front of him and asks him if he recognizes it. Hannah says she doesn't know why she kept it. She tells him its contents are safe. She wonders why some people have so much while she can barely pay her bills. She tells him she wants him to destroy Ulrich and cause him to lose everything. She reminds him that she knows he is really Boris Niewald.

DARK 1x09 Kiss in rain

Kissing in the rain

Jonas arrives home and is dismayed to see Martha waiting for him. He greets her, then says he has to go. She asks him why he hasn't responded to any calls she's made for several days. Jonas does not know what to say. Finally, he tells her that was wrong, that they're not a good match. She then kisses him and asks if that is wrong. He nods, apologizes, and walks away.

In his office, Aleksander calls Torben Wöller for information on Ulrich Nielsen. Wöller then asks what they should do with the truck, to which he replies that they can bring the barrels back in a few days when everything calms down. He hangs up and stares at the plastic bag Hannah left. Regina is vacuuming her hotel and enters the room that the Stranger stayed in. On the walls are many pictures, drawings, notes, and diagrams, including the "Where When is Mikkel?" news article and the triquetra labeled with the three interconnected years: 1953, 1986, and 2019. Bartosz gets into Noah's car and confirms that everything he predicted would happen. Noah then asks Bartosz if he thought about his "offer," Bartosz answers, "Yes."

November 11, 1986[]

Claudia offers Aleksander a job that he has to keep a secret. Claudia watches him seal up the steel door in the caves to prevent anyone on the other side from witnessing the barrels.

November 11, 2019[]

The Stranger goes to a parked truck. He opens it and sees the yellow barrels that contain toxic waste. He opens one.

November 11, 1953[]

1x09 0053 ClaudiaTannhaus

Claudia visits Tannhaus in 1953.

In his clockmaker's shop, the younger H.G. Tannhaus is dismantling and tinkering with the components of Ulrich's smartphone. The elderly Claudia enters and shows him the blueprints of the portable time machine that will change the course of time. She asks him to build it.





  • Tannhaus: Man has always puzzled over his origin. His genesis. Created by God? Or a product of evolution? If we could see yesterday and tomorrow at the same time, the origin and the end, the entire universe in a single moment, we might finally find answers to the biggest questions of all. What is man? Where does he come from? What drives him? What is his purpose?
  • Bernd: Mr. Tiedemann. I want you to find my son. Whatever it costs. I don't care about anything else. The nuclear plant, anything at all. Just bring me back my son.
  • Claudia: You almost look like James Dean with that haircut. The girls in Winden will be after you in droves. You'll see. Do you have a girlfriend?
    *Tronte shakes his head*
    Claudia: Why did you leave where you come from? Are you bank robbers on the run?
    Tronte: My mother wanted a change.
    Claudia: Your mother is a very beautiful woman. I've never seen anyone so elegant.
  • Doris: How long were you married?
    Agnes: Fifteen years.
    Doris: It's been nearly ten for Egon and me. But somehow everything has changed. He has changed. He's not home as much as he used to be. His work. What kind of work did your husband do?
    Agnes: He was a pastor. But I can't say he was a man of faith.
    Doris: Do you miss him a lot?
    Agnes: He wasn't a good person. Sometimes I think it's good he's dead. And that I'm free.
  • Greta: I prayed to God to get rid of the child before it was ever born. And after I had him, I prayed every day that something would befall him. Because he may not be Bernd's child. Because maybe he wasn't a child created out of love, but… That's what's in my head. Every day. I can't escape it. It's my fault.
    Noah: We are all full of sin. No pure human being exists. But no matter what we do, we never fall any lower than into God's hands.
    Greta: And what if they aren't God's hands? What if they are the hands of the devil?
    Noah: God sent me to you. Did he not? We don't meet the people we meet by accident. We touch the lives of others and are touched by ourselves, and thus God's hands guide us to our true destiny. Let us pray. Even though I walk though the darkest valley, I will fear no evil... for you are with me... your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
  • Hannah: And you and Ulrich?
    Katharina: What about us?
    Hannah: I don't know. Won't your mom freak out if you keep seeing him?
    Katharina: I don't care. Nobody's going to come between us. That's love, you know. It's stronger than hate. But you don't get that yet.
  • Egon: I've been a police officer for over 40 years. Your face. Your stare. I know that stare. I know that you've got something to hide, that you've got something to do with all of this. I can feel it in my bones.
    Ulrich Maybe it's cancer. You might want to get that checked out.
  • Katharina: Why does Tiedemann have it in for you?
    Ulrich: He thinks I'm the Antichrist.
  • Claudia: Tell me exactly what happened in the summer.
    Bernd: I already told you. An incident. In the volume control system.
    Claudia: That's not good enough for me.
    Bernd: The connections to the chemical feed-in system were corroded. Hydrogen gas must have collected in one of the tubes. Boom!
    Claudia: It wasn't a precaution. That's why the tubes were changed.
    Bernd: It is what we make of it. And what the reports say. We were lucky. Only a significant amount of radioactive material leaked out. We had the entire floor removed and stored everything in a safe place.
    Claudia: You call that a safe place?
    Bernd: As safe as any other official interim storage facility.
    Claudia: Who knows about it?
    Bernd: It happened during the nightshift. The shift supervisor, a handful of employees, Helge. No one will talk, they all got a fat bonus. Don't make a bigger deal out of it than it is.
    Claudia: In the night... Was there more? Did anything else happen? Anything strange? In the cave, anything... Anything the explosion may have...
    Bernd: Just what might have happened there? Do you believe that Hannibal marched over the Alps with elephants? There are no truths, just stories. And the story of this city is now in your hands. Is our power plant safe? Can something like Chernobyl happen in our plant? You decide what story you want to tell.
  • Helge: Why doesn't it work?
    Noah: It will. Be patient. Do you think Einstein would have given up so fast? It is the fate of pioneers to persistently pursue their aim. To believe, although no one believes.
    Helge: I don't want to do this anymore. Why would God want any of this?
    Noah: Yes. Why would God want any of this? After looking into hell, as you have, it can never be forgotten. It becomes a part of you. And the idea of God, of Jesus the Savior, becomes a thread of hope you cling to. All of us who know the darkness long for the light, but... there is no God! God didn't make this hole among us. God doesn't have a plan. There is no plan at all. There's nothing but chaos out there. Pain and chaos! People are bad, malicious, evil. Life is nothing but a spiral of pain. And the world is doomed to be destroyed. But this here... This is our ark. And I'm Noah. If we can harness this energy, we can change everything. Then we decide the world's fate, far removed from all the evil and from all pain. We'll create a time machine that reorders everything, the beginning and the end.
  • Franziska: Just because we fuck doesn't mean you have to know everything about me.
  • Martha: Why is it that we keep secrets from one another?
    Magnus: Some things you just want to keep to yourself.
  • Claudia: It looks much different than it did. There was no addition.
    Bartosz: Why did Mom tell me you're dead?
    Claudia: For your mom, I'm sure I am. I wasn't a particularly good mother, you know. You're a lot like the two of them. Your eyes. Your chin. You look a lot like your parents.
    Bartosz: If you're not dead, where were you all these years?
    Claudia: That's a long story. Maybe I'll tell you one day.
    Bartosz: Regina won't be home till late. Are you going to wait or...?
    Claudia: Not today. I have to take care of something.
    *Claudia takes out her 1986 photo*
    Claudia: I want you to give her this. Will you do that for me? That was before. Before that summer and everything else that followed it. I made lots of mistakes back then. Believe me, if I could turn back time, I would do lots of things differently.
  • Hannah: Do you recognize it? All these years I've wondered why I kept it. But there's a time for everything. Don't worry. The contents are in safe keeping.
    Aleksander: What do you want?
    Hannah: Why do some people have everything and some nothing? Why do you and Regina have a beautiful home and I can't even pay my electrical bill? Why does fate predestine a good life for some and not for others?
    Aleksander: Do you want money?
    Hannah: I don't want any money, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to destroy Ulrich. I want him to lose everything. Everything.
  • Martha: Hello.
    Jonas: Hello. I have to go.
    Martha: You have to go? Can you tell me what's going on? I've been trying to reach you for days. and you don't even write back! What was that after rehearsal? You just make out with me. Did you think, "The chick's unstable, so I'll take what I can get"? God, say something!
    Jonas: It was wrong.
    Martha: What was wrong?
    Jonas: The thing with us. It wasn't right.
    Martha: Because of Bartosz?
    Jonas: No, not because of Bartosz. Because of us. It… We're just not a good match, okay?
    Martha: We're not a good match?
    Jonas: Yeah, we're not a good match. The whole thing is wrong. We're wrong.
    *Martha kisses Jonas with a heavy heart*
    Martha: So this is wrong?
    Jonas: I'm sorry.


Mysteries []

  • Is there a bigger reason as to why Agnes moved into Winden? Who was her husband?
  • Who is the true father of Helge Doppler?
  • What crime did Aleksander commit in 1986 that forced him to change his identity?
  • Why is Noah using children as test subjects for the chair?
  • Where has Claudia been? How did she become a time traveller? What did she mean by "Before that summer and everything else that followed it."?
  • Why does Noah want Bartosz as an accomplice?
  • What did The Stranger need the toxic waste for?
  • How come that Gretchen disappeared in 1953 can reappear in 1986? Can an animal open the door "Sic Mundus Creatus est"?
  • If the Stranger comes from the Future, how can he know about the accident happened during summer 1986?
  • From where Old Claudia has taken the Blue Print given to Adult H.G.Tannahus?


  • The black eye that Katharina in 1986 had was inflicted by her abusive mother, not Ulrich.
  • Aleksander Tiedemann's real name is Boris Niewald, and is a fugitive on the run. In 1986, he somehow got shot through his upper right breast or right shoulder blade. That's how he has those scars on his shoulder blade when Hannah was massaging him ("Secrets").
  • Helge traveled to 1986.
  • The torture bunker is set in 1986. Noah and Helge in 1986 are trying to make a working time machine to apparently change the course of events. They were sacrificing children as test subjects to do so. Noah claims to Helge in 1986 that he is performing acts of God and salvation, since his goal was to escape the trauma from his encounter with Ulrich in 1953. The main idea of their goal is salvation.
  • In "Truths", Bartosz met Noah for the first time, believing he was a drug dealer. During the time, Noah lectured Bartosz about the time travel situation and told him predictions of the near future. This is part of his plan to recruit the teenager as an accomplice.
  • The secret of the Nuclear Plant is revealed. In the summer of 1986, an incident happened in the volume control room, which resulted in radioactive waste and (seemingly) the creation of the wormhole. Bernd covered it up and hid the barrels in the cave. Somehow, the radiation and leaked substance influenced the wormhole's power. Bernd managed to get Claudia on board with the concealment, and later, Aleksander. When the police threatened to search the area in 2019, Aleksander had to make the time to remove the barrels and place them in a truck. That was the meaning behind the conversation he has with Jürgen Obendorf, and those barrels were the secret items he was transporting away ("Lies"). This also explains the tire tracks Charlotte discovered ("Crossroads"). Currently, those barrels are stationed near Bernadette's trailer.
  • Tannhaus in 1953 is building the time machine at the instructions of Claudia.

Themes and Motifs[]


  • The dates featured are: November 11, 1953, November 11, 1986, and November 11, 2019.
  • This episode moves through all three time periods consecutively. Everything is connected.
  • Helge's disappearance in November 10, 1953, happened at around 3:00 PM.
  • Agnes was apparently married for fifteen years.
  • Doris has been married to Egon ever since 1943 or 1944.
  • Egon in 1986 says that he's been an officer for over 40 years.
  • Helge's 1986 interrogation with Egon was supposed to be at 10:30 AM. Egon decided to go find him by 11:15 AM.
  • The real Aleksander Köhler was born on January 21, 1965.
  • The release date on Boris Newald is 12 October 1983. We can assume that in 1983 he had 18 years (minimum date for passport) and in 1986 is 21 years old.
  • Hannah has kept Aleksander's secret essentials a secret for exactly thirty-three years.

Time Travel []

  • Tannhaus in 1986 discusses the idea of finding the origin of man by observing the beginning and ending at the same time.
  • Whenever we transition between the different time periods in sequence, there is a brief scene of a gear cylinder protruding from the portable time machine, as well as a shot of the triquetra symbol on the "Sic Mundus Creatus Est" door.
  • Gretchen somehow traveled from 1953 to 1986.
  • Helge traveled from November 10, 2019, to November 10, 1986, via the caves. Helge took right turn, Ulrich took left turn.
  • The chair in the bunker in 1986 is actually a prototype time machine, allowing the user/corpse to travel thirty-three years forward or backward. Noah and Helge in 1986 want to use it to attempt to change history.
  • Noah travels from 1953 to 1986, and then to 2019.
  • Claudia travels from 2019 to 1953.

Determinism []

  • Tannhaus in 1986 questions what man is and what drives his actions.
  • Helge was not wanted by his mother and was possibly the product of a rape and not Bernd's true son.
  • He is severely beaten by Ulrich and is vulnerable for Noah to influence him to help with his experiments and killings.
  • Ulrich was certain that killing Helge would prevent the deaths of the boys but he did not succeed in killing him. He believed he could change the future but could not. This led to his arrest.
  • Egon in 1953 arrested a time-traveling Ulrich, assuming he was a murderer. Egon in 1986 tells Ulrich that he knows his stare, that he is involved in this thing in some way, appearing to sense that he had been involved with him before. It's possible that Egon experience déjà-vu from the teen.
  • Katharina's violence and bullying is seen in 1986 as a teenager, involving Regina, and in 2019 as an adult, involving Regina ("Sic Mundus Creatus Est"), Hannah, and Charlotte.
  • Hannah has a history of lying and manipulation, starting in 1986 as a teenager, falsely accusing Ulrich and trying to pin it on Regina, then in 2019: cheating with Ulrich, lying to Katharina, and blackmailing Aleksander to get revenge on Ulrich for rejecting her.
  • Claudia in 1986 wonders how she could have found Gretchen after having gone missing thirty-three years ago.
  • Hannah asks why fate predestines a good life for some and not for others.
  • Jonas knows that his relationship with Martha is incest. Mikkel is his father, Martha is his aunt, and he is her nephew. (No matter how hard he tries to evade her and end their relationship, he ends up falling for her, failing to forget his emotions towards her).
  • There is a different report on the facts of the past: some act convinced that they can change the future (Ulrich), others try but are stopped (Jonas from the stranger), some admit the mistakes made and would go back to not make them (Claudia vecchia in 2019). Everything is determinism.

Colors []

  • Tronte in 1953 wears a blue jacket.
  • Agnes wears a pure blue dress.
  • Doris is trying on a yellow dress.
  • Greta in 1953 wears a blue sweater.
  • When Helge in 1986 exits the bunker, he wears bright blue gloves.
  • Jonas wears his signature yellow raincoat
  • Jonas 2019 is hanging a red string while is not answering to Martha's call.


  • Egon Tiedemann arrested Ulrich Nielsen twice.

Historic Recurrences[]

  • A missing child in Winden. During the fall of 1953, Helge Doppler was a missing child.
  • Ulrich Nielsen and Egon Tiedemann antagonize each other. Egon in 1953 arrests the time-traveling Ulrich under accusations of murder. Egon in 1986 tells the teenaged version that he knows his stare.
  • Katharina Nielsen has a conflict with Regina Tiedemann. Katharina in 1986 bullied Regina through high school and thinks that she testified the false rape case. In 2019, the tension never faded, since they still growl at each other and got into a brawl ("Sic Mundus Creatus Est").
  • Hannah wants to ruin Ulrich. In 1986, she falsely testified that he committed rape. In 2019, she wants Aleksander to damage his career.

Religion and Mythology[]

  • Agnes states her husband was a pastor.
  • Greta in 1953 is a churchgoer and relies on Noah's support.
  • Noah is the Winden pastor of 1953 and is still a pastor in 1986, brought by Ines to Mikkel.
  • Noah recites to Greta in 1953 a prayer centering around opposing evil.
  • Bernd in 1986 asks Claudia if she believes Hannibal marched over the Alps with elephants. Hannibal was a Carthaginian general and statesman who commanded Carthage's main forces against the Roman Republic during the Second Punic War. He is widely considered one of the greatest military commanders in world history.
  • People who have suffered from pain long for the ideas of God and religion.
  • Noah refers to the chair as his ark. This is a reference to Noah's ark, the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative through which God spares Noah, his family, and examples of all the world's animals from a world-engulfing flood. The story in Genesis is repeated, with variations, in the Quran, where the ark appears as Safina Nūḥ.


  • Katharina was a bully in her school and now she is the principal. But her bullying character has not changed - she hits Regina Tiedemann, charges into Charlotte's office, and scolds her and after that confronted Hannah violently about her cheating with Ulrich.
  • Bernd in 1953 is worried for his nuclear plant, judging by the situation from the day before. However, the nuclear plant will be built anyway because it already exists in the future.
  • It is the first time that we see in the same place two versions of the same character : we have old Helge 2019 who has travelled in 1986 where there is Adult Helge 1986. We cannot say nothing, for the moment, about Jonas and the Stranger in 2019 and 1986.
  • During the opening, a close-up shot of Aleksander was revealed before he was properly introduced.
  • The order of main characters displayed in the opening is aligned with the order of main cast members in the credits.
  • This marks the second time Ulrich has been arrested by Egon in his life.
  • There are clear shots of Helge's ear 1986, mangled by Ulrich in 1953
  • Ulrich does two chases in the woods in this episode (with Helge and with Egon)
  • Agnes is referring to het husband as not a good man and already dead. We cannot be if it is true or not
  • Egon Tiedemann's hatred for Ulrich Nielsen technically started in 1953, way before Ulrich would have been born (1971).
  • The definition of APB is an abbreviation for "All Points Bulletin", which is a notification among police agencies about a wanted person. The APB will usually describe the suspect and provide directions regarding the apprehension.
  • Claudia in 1953 asks Tronte if he has a girlfriend; later they'll have an affair.
  • Doris married Egon in 1943 or 1944, but Claudia was born in 1942. This means that she was born before their marriage.
  • Doris seems to be hiding a sort of passion for Agnes.
  • Greta in 1953 says that Helge was the result of some other sexual event, which didn't involve love or passion. She pauses mid-sentence as if she refuses to reflect on a memory. She was possibly raped.
  • This episode notes that Katharina in 1986 has an abusive mother. This foreshadows the introduction of Helene Albers. Hannah in 1986 seems to be aware of the abuse.
  • Hannah's unhealthy obsession with Ulrich continued for decades.
  • Ulrich 1986 tells Egon that he may have a tumor and it is better to go for an examination.
  • Ulrich and Katharina were smoking by the same watchtower Jonas was sleeping in at the beginning of "Crossroads".
  • Aleksander's gun is a six-shot pistol.
  • Claudia in 1986 doesn't seem to be confident that the poodle she found is really Gretchen. She wanted to make sure of it by questioning Bernd about the incident.
  • Claudia has the door sealed but in any case from the woods you can still access it, in fact Charlotte in 2019 entered that cave. What makes Claudia sealed is another access to the cave of barrels which can be reached from the Caves and which Ulrich enters when he first enters the caves to look for Mikkel.
  • The three cylinders of gears in the portable time machine likely represent the three interconnected years.
  • This episode shows the fall of Hannah and Katharina's friendship.
  • Magnus doesn't tell Martha about his recent relationship with Franziska.
  • When Bartosz tells Claudia that Regina won't be home soon, he refers to his own mother by her actual name.
  • Claudia tells Bartosz that her photo with Regina was taken before "that summer". This could be referring to the summer of 1986, when the wormhole was opened. It could also be referring to the summer of 1987, when Claudia disappeared from Regina's life after being ensnared into time travel. Or could be again the summer of 1986 when she was bullied by Ulrich and Kathrina.
  • Hannah refers to her and Aleksander's conversation about there being a time for everything ("Secrets") while blackmailing him.
  • Wöller is involved with the cover-up of the nuclear plant incident.
  • When we transition to 1986 from the moment Bartosz talks to Noah (in 2019), the ticking noise doesn't play.

Cultural References[]

  • James Dean: Claudia in 1953 compliments Tronte that his hair makes him resemble Dean. James Byron Dean was an American actor. He is remembered as a cultural icon of teenage disillusionment and social estrangement, as expressed in the title of his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause, in which he starred as troubled teenager Jim Stark.
  • Albert Einstein: Noah asks Helge in 1986 if Einstien were to give up so fast. Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.
  • The Surge: Bartosz was playing a video game called The Surge before meeting Claudia. The Surge is an action role-playing game developed by Deck13 Interactive. The game is set in a dystopic future where you must fight cyborgs and machines for your survival and discover the secrets of a megacorporation called CREO.


  • "Goodbye" by Apparat
    The opening song.
  • "When I Was Done Dying" by Dan Deacon
    Aleksander 1986 seals up the steel door in the caves. The Stranger steals some substance from the yellow barrels.


  • After the opening scene of this episode, the song "Goodbye" plays seconds after the visual opening starts playing.
  • Katharina doesn't know about Ulrich's suspension (2019) even though he informed her in "Crossroads". Either this was a goof or she simply forgot.


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