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"Eva's World" was one of two 'worlds' accidentally created by H.G. Tannhaus's attempt to invent time travel in the Origin World. It existed in parallel to Adam's World, with events in both worlds being deeply intertwined and interconnected. In this world, the "Apocalypse" occurred on November 8, 2019.

In Eva's World, control, knowledge and access to time travel primarily belonged to the secret society Erit Lux, the self-described "keepers" of the Knot. The Erit Lux organisation was headed by Eva, that world's version of Martha Nielsen. Eva and Erit Lux operated in opposition to their parallel world counterparts, Adam and Sic Mundus, who sought to break the Knot that intertwined Adam's world with Eva's.



In the beginning, before there was Eva's world or Adam's world, there existed an original world. Like the two worlds, the original world had many similar qualities to them but some differences as well. One major difference between the original world and Adam's and Eva's worlds is that for most of its history, time travel did not exist. This means that there were fundamental differences between the original world and the other two worlds, whose inhabitants are eternally bound in a time loop full of paradoxes, incest, and relationships and entire families that should not exist.

As in the two worlds, H.G. Tannhaus was a successful clockmaker and also produced scientific programming regarding concepts such as Schrödinger's cat. On November 8, 1971, his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter perished in a car wreck after sliding off a bridge in the rain. This pain haunted Tannhaus from that point forward. He was never able to get over the deaths of his loved ones. Therefore, in 1974, he set about constructing a sort of time machine, which he believed would allow him to go back and time and prevent the wreck from ever happening.

The machine took twelve years to finish. Finally, on June 21, 1986, Tannhaus was ready to activate the machine for the first time. In the bunker of the cabin that belongs to the Doppler family in the two worlds, the old clockmaker pressed two big red buttons on the wall. The machine roared to life, beaming out blinding light. Rather than anything resembling his intended goal, in that instant, Tannhaus's world was simultaneously destroyed and split into interdependent parallel worlds, based largely on the original world but containing the existence of time travel, which defines the fates of their inhabitants.[1][2]


November 4[]

Jonas Kahnwald of Adam's world is saved by Martha Nielsen of Eva's world during the apocalypse on June 27, 2020, of his world. She brings him back to November 4, 2019, of Eva's world, at Winden caves. He finds himself in an alternate version of Winden where Martha is dating Kilian Obendorf, Regina Tiedemann is already dead of cancer, and Franziska Doppler is deaf. His mother's counterpart, Hannah Nielsen, does not recognize him. While he attempts to prevent Mikkel Nielsen from entering the caves, Mikkel never left home in this world; thus Jonas was never born.

At school, a slightly younger Martha encounters Jonas, who acts as if he knows her. That evening, she, Kilian Obendorf, Magnus Nielsen, Bartosz Tiedemann and Franziska Doppler hang out, and seek shelter in a bunker after a supernatural storm. The teenagers see the body of Mads Nielsen materialize from the future. He encounters Eva, realizing she is the alternate Martha 66 years later.

Ulrich Nielsen takes on the case after seeing Mads's body, and asks Martha if Kilian slipped her anything, unable to accept the teenagers' claims. Martha breaks up with Kilian, saying that she can't trust him. Jonas convinces Martha to travel in time with him after revealing how much he knows about her. They travel to 2052 and find a desert; an adult Martha encounters them and warns them that the Apocalypse is two days away from Martha's time in 2019. She tells them that they can prevent the Apocalypse of Eva's World if they stop the yellow barrels being opened in the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. They return to 2019 and sleep together, leading to the conception of The Unknown.

As Jonas and Martha head to the nuclear power plant, Martha scratches her face on the fence. Her scar is identical to the Martha that brought Jonas to Eva's World, leading him to be uncertain of whom he can trust. They go to the Erit Lux headquarters so Jonas can confront Eva: she tells him he has fulfilled his purpose, and another young version of Martha with a large scar under her eye shoots Jonas, killing him.

Afterwards, the youngest Martha attempts to warn others about the Apocalypse. While Magnus does not believe her, Bartosz does. They are approached by the Magnus and Franziska of Adam's World, who convince her to join them in their world. Martha thus travels back to save Jonas from the Apocalypse, and begins the chain of events that led to her coming back. After leaving Jonas by the caves, she travels to the 1888 of Adam's World on the instructions of Sic Mundus and leaves behind the black matter that Jonas needed to create a new portal. Returning to 2053, Adam explains what he believes to be the origin of the two worlds: that Martha is pregnant with the Unknown, the origin of the infinite family tree. This version of Martha and the Unknown are killed by the force of the two Apocalypses.

However, Eva knew of Adam's plans, and creates a second version of the pregnant Martha by using quantum entanglement. The Bartosz from Eva's World travels back to prevent her from reaching Jonas during the Apocalypse, possible due to the temporary cessation of cause and effect. They leave Adam's World and travel to Eva's World in 2052. Martha is angry at her older self killing Jonas, but Eva assures her that she will understand, leaving a deep cut under Martha's eye. She writes a letter to Jonas telling him not to give up hope, and that she must die so that she can live, giving the letter to her adult self. The eldest Eva tells her that she is pregnant with the origin of life in both universes, and the Unknown enter the headquarters, hugging Martha. Eva tells Martha that her son will only live if the knot is preserved, and Martha travels to 2019, killing the version of Jonas that impregnated her. She thus becomes the adult Martha, and finally Eva, the leader of Erit Lux, who go on missions in both worlds to preserve the time loop.

Eva's World ceases to exist after the Claudia Tiedemann of Adam's World explains the true origin: the Original World, and that it is possible to change time during the Apocalypse. A third version of Jonas and Martha travel to the original world and save H.G. Tannhaus's family, and thus prevent the invention of time travel and the creation of the universe.

Differences from Adam's world[]

This universe's Martha Nielsen was not killed as a teenager as she was in Adam's world. She eventually became Eva, the head of Erit Lux, which sought to preserve the time loop and thus preserve their world, the counterpart to Sic Mundus which attempted to destroy both worlds. In this world, the apocalypse occurred in 2019 rather than 2020 and led to the area around Winden becoming a desert.

Mikkel Nielsen never traveled to 1986 and did not become Michael Kahnwald. As a result, Jonas Kahnwald was never born in this world. Ulrich Nielsen had divorced Katharina by 2019 and was instead married to Hannah and expecting a child, but she later miscarried in the moments before the apocalypse. Ulrich was also having an affair with Charlotte Doppler.

Ulrich never traveled to 1953 in Eva's world: He traveled to 1986 and attacked the middle-aged Helge Doppler instead of the child one (hurting his eye instead of his ear). Moreover, the elder version of Helge killed him shortly after the attack and didn't die in a car accident.

Egon Tiedemann was a member of Eva's society Erit Lux and didn't die in a fight with Claudia. Bartosz Tiedemann probably wasn't killed by his son Hanno.

Franziska Doppler was deaf and mute in this world, while her sister Elisabeth was the like in Adam's.

Regina Tiedemann here died before the apocalypse: Cancer had killed her months before the event.

There were other cosmetic differences between the two universes, such as Magnus Nielsen having a more gothic appearance, and Katharina, Charlotte, and Bartosz having slightly different hairstyles.

Torben Wöller has both eyes, but is missing his left arm.



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