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Erit Lux (Latin: "There will be light") is a secret society of time travelers in the Winden of Eva's world, led by Eva. They are the counterpart of Sic Mundus in Adam's world and believe that they are in the light, while Sic Mundus is in the shadows. While Adam seeks to end the two worlds, Eva wishes to preserve the time loop. Their symbol is the Staff of Hermes.[1]


The Erit Lux headquarters is located inside an opulent hall inside the Winden Caves of Eva's world. Lucas Cranach's painting "Adam and Eve" hangs on the wall, and there is a mosaic of the intertwined, infinite family tree of both Adam and Eva's worlds on the floor. Notably, it contains an error regarding the parentage of Regina Tiedemann in both worlds. After the apocalypse, the painting is burned and the floor is covered with sand.

Their time travel god particle portal is found in a grotto within the caves, and resembles the portal in the Sic Mundus headquarters. Eva uses the portal, as well as the time travel spheres, to send her followers on missions.[2]



On the day of the apocalypse November 8, 2019 in Eva's World, Eva sends her Erit Lux members out on their missions to sustain the knot that has given all of them life. Three of the members are dead in Adam's World prior to 2019: Bartosz, Egon, and Noah. So in Eva's World, what was different that kept them alive?