"Endings and Beginnings" is the eighth and final episode of Season 2 of Dark.


On the day of the apocalypse, Clausen executes a search warrant at the power plant as Jonas and Claudia use the time machine to connect past and future.



Elisabeth makes her way alone through the forest, stopping near a crashed helicopter. She uncovers a hidden ammo box, within which are a stash of Doppler family photos, her old fox hat, and Polaroids of her and Noah—and their baby, Charlotte. Noah, in a voice-over, says the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.


The older and younger Noah stand next to each other at the Sic Mundus lair. The older Noah says there are things he was not able to share, even with his younger self. He would not exist if the younger had not followed in the same path that he did; they are not free in what they do, because they are not free in what they desire. The elder Franziska and Magnus emerge, and the latter says everything is ready. At this, the elder Noah tells the younger Noah to leave, and he departs with Magnus and Franziska.


At the Kahnwald home, the Stranger Jonas Kahnwald retrieves Aleksander's gun. The younger Jonas, with 1987 Claudia in the Winden Caves, explains that his future self had wanted to close the wormhole, to reverse it all, but had not broken the cycle. The elder Claudia had told him that they could change a small part of the equation so that he—the same Jonas speaking—would be successful on the next attempt, and all the subsequent events would never take place. All he would need to do is change a grain of sand.

They are in the secret cave where Tronte Nielsen and his successors had hidden the stash of nuclear waste. Jonas opens a drum and retrieves some of the waste, as Claudia looks on silently.

At the Tiedemann home, Bartosz asks his mother about his grandmother, telling her that she had come to visit the previous fall. Regina is startled to hear of this. Bartosz hands her a photo of Claudia and Regina from 1986, and tells her that Claudia had said she was sorry—and if she could turn back time, she would have done things differently. Regina is moved to tears, and says nothing. Bartosz kisses her tenderly, then excuses himself, promising to return, without answering when she asks where he is going.

At the Winden Police station, as Torben Wöller looks on, Aleksander feels the strain of interrogation at the hands of Clausen. Clausen hands him a paper: it is a search warrant for the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. He vows that even if he cannot prove that Aleksander murdered his brother, he will still get him for whatever is happening in Winden. Aleksander, distraught, begs Torben to help him, but Torben says it is impossible, and perhaps things will be better now the truth is out.

Martha answers the door to see the older Jonas waiting anxiously. She pulls him into the house. He tells her she must come with him, that it is his fault that everyone will die in a few hours when the new cycle begins, and the future starts. Martha is confused by this, but he begs her to trust him. He starts to caress her, but she shoves him away, repulsed, saying they are "wrong," and tells him to leave. He refuses, and grabbing her arm, tells her he will not see her die again. He brandishes the gun, telling her he is making things right.

With six hours left to the apocalypse, Bartosz meets Franziska and Magnus at the railroad bridge, and demands to know where the apparatus is. Magnus says Katharina has taken it. This disturbs Bartosz, who is angry that Noah did not explain things to him, but Franziska says that perhaps showing them how the device worked was his only job. Bartosz runs off to try to find the apparatus, and the others follow.

Katharina arrives with the device at the Kahnwald house seeking Jonas, but finds it empty. She looks around his room and finds his backpack, containing the orb light and his annotated Winden Cave map.

The younger Jonas leads Claudia deeper into the cave to open the portal again, telling her he has accepted that he has to be part of the very disaster he wanted to prevent, having learned much from the older Claudia. There two sides at war: Adam and Sic Mundus, who want to create a new world, and Claudia and himself, who want to save this one. Claudia does not even know who Adam is.

Adam sits in his study watching the clock.

The older Jonas—and Martha, with a gun to her back—arrive at the bunker. She is disturbed by the various papers posted on the wall, but he insists that it is the only safe place. She asks if the story about Mikkel is true, which would make her his aunt. He tells her Jonas will always come back, but tells her to remain there, and locks her inside.

The younger Jonas and Claudia reach the door in the cave.

Charlotte returns to the police station and Torben, surprised to see her, warns her that Clausen has arrested Aleksander and obtained a search warrant for the plant. She turns around, but Torben takes her into an office and admits that he helped Aleksander hide a secret stash of radioactive waste on the grounds of the plant. Charlotte realizes that the waste is what triggers the apocalypse, as Jonas had told her. This confuses Torben, but Charlotte is already out the door.

Peter Doppler, at home, leaves a desperate voicemail for Charlotte, asking if Franziska is with her. He tells Elisabeth that they must leave, because Noah has said only the people in the bunker will survive. Elisabeth asks about her mother and sister, but Peter says only that things will be okay.

At four hours before the apocalypse, Clausen, accompanied by a half dozen police officers, is searching the plant. The acting director does not understand what he hopes to accomplish, considering that the site is huge. Clausen says his mother always said that just because a task is big does not mean it cannot be solved. They reach the spent fuel pool for the old reactor, and he asks to see it. The director demurs, due to the latent radiation, but Clausen eyes the yellow radiation suits.

Katharina comes back downstairs and spies a photo album of Michael at the kitchen table. Leafing through it, she sees pictures of Ines with Michael—Mikkel—as a boy, and just after his high school graduation, bringing her to tears. Jonas, surprising her, and she asks him how to use the machine to bring Mikkel back. Jonas tries to explain that it is impossible; he already exists, meaning the events that lead to his existence cannot be changed. He would trade his own life for Mikkel's, but can't because his future self exists as well.

Katharina asks what the point of his return was, then. He explains that while he cannot prevent himself from becoming what he is, he can stop what will become of him—to become Adam.

As Adam contemplates "The Fall of the Damned" in his study, Noah approaches, accusing Adam of lying to him—that he never had an interest in saving anyone. Adam says simply that no one can escape his fate. Noah presents the missing pages from the Claudia's notebook and throws them at Adam, saying Adam is not waging war on God, but on humanity. Angry at being used as a pawn, he pulls out a gun and aims it at Adam.

Adam is unmoved, and says Claudia was right: Noah still does not understand. He says time plays a cruel game, because Noah believes his fate is to kill Adam, but in fact, it is impossible. Indeed, when Noah pulls the trigger, the gun jams. Adam takes a photo from the wall and says we are only free when we are free of all emotion, only when one is ready to sacrifice what one holds dearest.

The photo is of Elisabeth. He tells Noah that Charlotte is his daughter, and that Charlotte is both Elisabeth's daughter and mother. "No human is without guilt," he says, "This knot can only be undone by destroying it entirely," as the older Magnus and Franziska enter the study—followed by Agnes. Agnes takes the gun and shoots Noah. The younger Noah, meanwhile, leaves the church.

Jonas inserts a vial with the radioactive waste into the apparatus, which begins to spin, casting off spirals of light. It is time, he says.

Martha, inside the bunker, sees a similar spiral of light inside. The noise of the wormhole opening is heard, lights flicker all around town, and dead birds fall out of the sky as Peter and Elisabeth drive to the bunker. They are surprised to see Martha there, and Martha rushes out before Peter can stop her.

Magnus, Franziska, and Bartosz are at the Nielsen home looking for Martha and Katharina, but cannot find them. Bartosz says that Noah was right, and Jonas is to blame for everything.

Teenage Jonas and 1987 Claudia exit the cave. He tells her to take the apparatus to the bunker near Helge's cabin and heads off, saying he must search for Hannah and Martha.

With two hours to go until the apocalypse, Magnus leaves desperate voicemails for his mother and sister, when Franziska receives a message from Peter, who is with Elisabeth at the bunker. They decide to head there as well, if no one else arrives in 30 minutes.

Torben and Charlotte speed down the road toward the power plant as Torben tries to recount the story as Charlotte has explained it to him. She is distracted, however. At the plant, the police and plant workers, garbed in radiation suits, enter the spent fuel chamber. Clausen orders that the concrete in the sealed cooling pool be unsealed.

Alone at home, Regina is on the phone with the police, pleading for Aleksander's release, or to be able to visit him, but gets nowhere. Suddenly, 1987 Claudia appears at the door, telling her not to be afraid, quite unsuccessfully. Claudia apologizes for how she left, and asks Regina to come with her now. Regina bursts into tears as Claudia embraces her.

At the Kahnwald home, the older Jonas waits for his mother—with the gun—only to have the younger Noah walk through the door. Noah says Jonas looks different from when he saw him last, and that he wondered when Jonas became Adam. Jonas denies that he will ever do what Adam says, but Noah says Adam says they will become friends, before Jonas betrays him. Noah says he follows Adam, and Jonas follows Claudia, because they each hope for their own kind of salvation. Jonas raises the gun to Noah's chest, but Noah calmly pushes it back down, saying Jonas is the savior.

Noah then hands him a letter—from Martha. Jonas reads it anxiously, saying it is impossible. Noah tells him that he must hurry to save Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska—and later him and Agnes. The loop must be closed so that the next cycle can begin, as prophesied, so that Martha can live. Jonas is beyond belief, however. He grabs the apparatus and hurries out.

Katharina has reached the caves with the map and orb light, and heads in

In 2053, Elisabeth stands outside the hole below the barrier wall around the dead zone, pauses, and then heads through it.

Adam, assisted by Franziska and Magnus, dons protective gear. The device at the Sic Mundus lair is activated.

At the power plant in 2020, workers jackhammer at the concrete sealing in the drums of radioactive waste.

At the bunker, Claudia and Regina reach the bunker, where Peter and Elisabeth have been waiting. He recognizes Claudia.

Deep in the cave, Katharina finds the ouroboros ring, and heads deeper.

The workers at the plant uncover the yellow drums of waste as Charlotte and Torben arrive. A plant worker tells him that Clausen is in the old reactor.

Teenage Jonas returns to the Kahnwald house and finds it empty. He calls for his mother, but it is Martha who responds. He has come back, just as the older Jonas had predicted. She tells him she knows about everything, and understands what he said in the rain, and that it was him who visited her at the lake. She touches his face tenderly, and repeats back they are a perfect match, and not to believe anything else, and they kiss passionately and joyfully.

The moment is interrupted by Adam, who says that all the pieces are now in place, and just need a push. Jonas lashes out, saying he is the trigger for the cycle to repeat itself. Adam says what is created will be the beginning of the end, that the creation of dark matter will must be created so that he can lead it to new purpose in the future, and bring about the end of the world. He draws a gun and says he is the trigger of what will turn Jonas into him, and shoots Martha in the chest.

She collapses on the ground as a distraught Jonas tries to reassure her. Adam says coldly that some pain is unforgettable, that Jonas will carry it with him the rest of his life, until he is ready to let go. He circles June 27 on the wall calendar as Jonas sobs. Adam says Jonas can try to save her, or try to stop him, and that he knows what to do.

Charlotte and Torben rush into the camber, shouting for Clausen to stop, that opening the drums is a mistake. She says this is not about the missing people, but about the past, the future, and all their interconnections. Clausen brushes her aside and orders the drum be opened. In it are rocks covered in an oily black substance.

The older Jonas reaches the Nielsen home and pounds on the door. Bartosz recognizes him when he enters, saying it is all Jonas' fault, which Jonas freely acknowledges. He says he has come to save them from the apocalypse, but has no answer when they ask where Martha is.

In 2053, Elisabeth activates the generators in the God particle lab, as Franziska activates the mechanism in the Sic Mundus lair at the same time. At the power plant, the black material rises out of the drum and coalesces into the familiar throbbing mass.

Katharina sees the time particles flowing through the cave and follows the stream

At the bunker, the lights flicker as Elisabeth plays with a watch with an engraving, "For Charlotte." The door opens, and the younger Noah enters.

At the plant, the God particle solidifies into a smooth sphere and settles on the platform, then disappears. All present are speechless.

Katharina follows the stream of time particles to the Sic Mundus door; as she opens it, a wormhole opens up in the power plant, showing Elisabeth on the other side. Elisabeth and Charlotte walk towards it from their respective times. As they greet each other, a massive time portal opens above the entire plant. As Elisabeth and Charlotte touch each other, the sky goes dark. Jonas activates the apparatus, which envelops the teens, and they disappear.

Teenage Jonas, sitting over Martha's lifeless body, promises he will make things right. He is startled as another Martha approaches him; he starts to ask questions, but she says there is no time for that. She activates an orb, on which cylinders extend and appear spinning, as perhaps an updated version of the apparatus. He asks her what time she is from. The question isn't from what time, she says, but what world, as the house is shattered by the shock wave of the arrival of the apocalypse.


  • Noah: We're not free in what we do, because we're not free in what we desire.
  • Jonas: Big and small things don't abide by the same laws. Maybe nothing big can be altered, but small things can. We're changing a grain of sand. And with it, the whole world.
  • Martha: Let me go!
    Jonas: I can't. I promised you I'd make it right. I'm making it right.
  • Bartosz: Why didn't Noah tell me what to do? Why did he tell me it all? Explains the thing to me and doesn't tell me what to do with it.
    Franziska: Maybe you did exactly what you were supposed to do. You showed us how it works. Maybe that was your sole task.
  • Claudia: What's that?
    Jonas: The passage. We're opening it again.
    Claudia: You said you wanted to shut it, in the future… or the past. Your future!
  • Jonas: You taught me everything about the future and past. Everything that happened, everything that will happen. There are two sides out there. Adam and Sic Mundus want to create a new world. You and I want to save this one.
  • Katharina: How can I bring Mikkel back?
    Jonas: Even if I explain it to you, it's impossible.
    Katharina: You don't want him to return. Because then you'd no longer exist.
    Jonas: I wish it were so simple. Things in the past can't be changed. Mikkel can't return because I already exist.
    Katharina: Mikkel belongs here, and not you! You shouldn't exist at all.
    Jonas: Yes. I'd trade my life for his anytime. But I can't die, because my future already exists. You'd be just as incapable of bringing Mikkel back.
    Katharina: Then why did you return?
    Jonas: I tried to prevent the origin. But it's impossible; I can't. Adam is the endpoint. Maybe I can't prevent myself from becoming what he is, but I can stop what has become of me.
  • Adam: Only when we're free of all emotion are we truly free. Only when one is ready to sacrifice what one holds dearest. Charlotte is your daughter. She is Elisabeth's daughter. And her mother. No human is without guilt. None of them have earned a place in your paradise.



  • The young Noah says the older Jonas looks different from when he saw him last, a callback to "The Travelers," in which he says the younger Jonas looks different from what he expected.
  • Martha tells Jonas "We're a perfect match, don't ever believe anything else," repeating what he told her at the lake, but contradicting what he said in 2019 that they were "wrong."


  • What is in the letter from Martha? When did she write it, and how did Noah come into possession of it?
  • Did Katharina survive the apocalypse? Does she travel to another time or reality?



  • The English subtitles for this episode include at least one typo; at 35:33 they say "Buy" instead of "But".



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