Elisabeth Doppler is the younger daughter (born 2011) of Charlotte and Peter Doppler. She is deaf, so she communicates using sign language. A confident and extroverted child, she enjoys stealing her older sister Franziska's red lipstick and chatting in sign language with her "boyfriend" Yasin Friese (also deaf).

On November 6, 2019, Elisabeth meets Noah walking home from school, who gives her a pocket watch for her mother, bearing the inscription "For Charlotte."[1] Charlotte has her speak with a sketch artist, who produces a sketch of Noah, which Charlotte adds to her missing persons board as someone of interest.

Elisabeth survives the apocalypse, as Peter takes her to the bunker only hours before it occurs.[2] She learned to navigate the post-apocalyptic world, eventually becoming the leader of a band of survivors. She forbids anyone from entering the exclusion zone around the ruins of the former power plant, but at the last minute decides not to execute the teenage Jonas Kahnwald for doing so. [3]

As an adult, at some point she conceives a child with her grandfather Noah and leaves her under the protection of the clockmaker H.G. Tannhaus in the 1970s. This child, never knowing who her true parents were, ends up becoming Charlotte Doppler, who in 2011 gives birth to her own mother.


  • The child Elisabeth is frequently seen wearing a fox beanie, and is seen sleeping with a stuffed animal toy fox; foxes are a recurring motif.
  • The adult Elisabeth has a discolored left eye, possible from cataracts, as might develop after radiation exposure or infection. It is also possible to acquire heterochromia after the eye is damaged by certain injuries or tumors.
  • Commentators on Reddit and elsewhere have theorized that Elisabeth has Waardenburg syndrome, a genetic condition which can manifest in congenital deafness, abnormal hair and eye pigmentation (e.g. a white forelock, heterochromia, premature graying), and facial abnormalities (e.g. abnormal smoothness or fullness of the lips, hence her fascination with Franziska's lipstick). The condition is usually autosomal dominant, i.e. only one copy of the altered gene is required to inherit it, although in some cases it is inherited from both parents. This might suggest Elisabeth is somehow related to Jana (who has a white forelock) and/or Claudia (who has heterochromia)—but it might simply be coincidence.
  • Elisabeth time traveled as a youth with the other 2020 Teens using the apparatus to briefly go to 1987. [4] So she is aware that time travel is possible and likely knows the God Particle in the plant can be used as a time travel portal especially since she survives the apocalypse in the bunker with Claudia who is studying it. At some point, likely under Noah's influence, she begins the Sic Mundus rhetoric about the passage to paradise that will be the salvation of the survivors, including Silja Elisabeth's mouth piece. [5] [2] In fact it is Elisabeth who opens the passage at the end of season 2. Season 3 will likely show us any paradise or peril that follows. [2]


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