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Egon Tiedemann is the father of Claudia Tiedemann, husband to Doris Tiedemann, and a police officer in Winden.

History Edit

1953 Edit

Egon is a young member of the force when the disfigured bodies of Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese are uncovered at a local construction site. Out on patrol, he sights Ulrich Nielsen, covered in blood, heading into the forest, and arrests him for the murders of the boys. Ulrich admits to the murder of young Helge Doppler, but then insists that because the two other boys are still dead, that Helge is still alive, to the confusion of Egon and the other officers.

He and his wife rent a room in their house to newcomer Agnes Nielsen and her son Tronte.

1954 Edit

June 23 Edit

At the police station, Egon and his chief are surprised to hear Helge is still alive. They wonder why, after 7 months, they still have no clue as to the identity of the suspect (Ulrich) and why no one has come looking for him. Egon then asks the chief whether he and his wife are still intimate. He laughs and says once a couple has kids, the wife is preoccupied with them, and the husband should look elsewhere.

Egon goes to question Helge. Greta informs him that since returning he has not spoken. She allows him to question him but Helge remains silent. She yells at Helge to talk to the inspector.

Egon goes to visit the adult Ulrich, who is in a straitjacket, heavily medicated. His identity remains unknown. He tells him Helge has returned home and asks where Ulrich took him or if he has an accomplice. He goes back to the police station, where he is visited by old Claudia. He observes she has heterochromia, like his daughter. She tells him he is too good a person, that the world doesn't deserve him. She asks for his forgiveness, saying he never deserved any of what happened. He will understand someday. He is unsettled by her remarks and orders her out.

He goes home with flowers for Doris but she is not home. He tells his daughter Claudia that he believes he met a witch. She tells him he is too good a person, and the world does not deserve him. Egon is shocked to hear these words for the second time coming from a person with different coloured eyes. He tells her he is having déjà vu.

Later he observes Agnes and Doris sharing a moment.

June 26 Edit

Egon and his co-workers inspect Claudia's corpse in the station's morgue. She is shown to have unusually high levels of radiation. Egon immediately recognizes her, saying that she had come into the police station before, apologizing profusely but making little sense otherwise, on the same day that the missing Helge returned. One of the other officers suggests that Egon show a photo of Claudia to Helge, to see if he can shed some light on the mysterious dead woman: Helge says that while he doesn't know her, he has heard about her, calling her "the White Devil", and while he doesn't reveal his source for this information, he claims that Claudia "wants to kill everyone". Egon then points out that Claudia is dead, so she can't hurt anyone any longer, to which the boy responds, "...she hasn’t even begun yet."

Hannah goes to the police station to see Egon, stating she is looking for her husband who might be the man accused of murdering the children. She lies when asked about her name that she is Katharina Nielsen. Egon, slightly suspicious at the sudden appearance of a relative, takes her to visit Ulrich at the psychiatric institution, asking her to try to get a confession from him. However, after seeing him, she tells Egon that despite a slight resemblance, Ulrich is not her husband.

1986 Edit

The soon-to-retire Egon is investigating the mysterious disappearance of Mads Nielsen. He suspects Mads' older brother Ulrich is somehow involved, and maintains a strong prejudice against him. When Mikkel Nielsen comes to the Winden Police in search of his father Ulrich, Egon suspects he has beat Mikkel up to force him to play a prank. Later, when Hannah Kahnwald falsely accuses Ulrich of raping Katharina Nielsen, he has Ulrich arrested, and does not believe Katharina's protestations.

As part of the investigation, Egon approaches Helge Doppler, who was working at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant on the night of Mads' disappearance. Helge begs off the interview for two days and then, when Egon wonders why Helge would have taken the state highway home instead of the more direct forest road, Helge makes an excuse to leave the interview. Helge never returns, and the case goes cold with Egon's note "Why not forest road?" never answered.

Egon was also called upon to investigate the mysterious deaths of 33 sheep. Dr. Schaller, a veterinarian, informs him that the sheep all died of cardiac arrest, probably from panic, but also that all their eardrums had been ruptured.

June 22 Edit

Egon visits Claudia. She says she is too busy to do anything with him, as she must meet with a French delegation. Gretchen the dog comes in and Egon remarks about the similarity, which Claudia dismisses. He tells her there is something he needs to talk to her about but sensing she is too busy, then says it's nothing and leaves.

Egon receives a call telling him his cancer has spread, and he will need to start treatment that week. He sees a newspaper headline pointing out that the disappearance of Mads Nielsen one year ago was never solved. Pulling out his old notebook, he sees his note asking why Helge did not take the forest road home.

He decides to pay Helge a visit, who is making his stick figures in a hospital, recovering from his car accident. He asks him why he took the long way home instead of the forest road? Helge replies cryptically that the man with the stone (Ulrich) had told him he could change the future and the past, but no one, not even the White Devil could change anything. Egon asks him what that has to do with Mads?

Egon calls the police station and asks whatever happened to the man arrested in 1953 for the attempted murder of Helge and two boys. He is informed that he is in a mental institution, where he has been for 34 years.

Egon goes to visit him. He is known as "the inspector." Egon introduces himself, unsure whether he would remember him. Ulrich assures him he remembers him and quotes him the same lines he had said previously: "My only aim is to take many lives; the more, the better I feel." Egon asks what they mean. Ulrich tells him they mean he is still an idiot. He tells him he doesn't have much time until he is dead, which was in the papers, which Egon cannot follow. Ulrich tells him his fate is to always be clueless. He will get what he deserves.

June 23 Edit

Egon looks at Kreator's Pleasure to Kill album. He opens it up and sees the lyrics "My only aim is to take many lives, the more, the better I feel."

He takes the record and goes to the closed psychiatric ward, showing it to the elderly Ulrich. He asks him how he was able to say the lyrics in 1953 when the record was not released until many years later. And how he knew he was dying of cancer. He asks him who he is and he tells him Ulrich Neilsen and he comes from the future.

Egon returns home and picks up the file of Michael Kahnwald. He finds a transcript of an interview in which the boy claimed his father was Ulrich Nielsen.

He goes to visit Ines Kahnwald . He asks whether the boy has mentioned anything about his family or the name Ulrich or a white devil. She claims he wants to forget the past and has a new life now. He notices a box of sleeping pills on the counter. He asks for a photo of the boy.

He returns to visit Ulrich again at the psychiatric ward, telling him about the strange boy who turned up in Winden. He shows Ulrich the photo of Mikkel that Ines gave him; Ulrich is shocked, demanding to know where he is. He grabs him by the throat.

June 26 Edit

Claudia continues to push Egon to move in with her, and he shows increasing reluctance to leave his comfortable apartment. Claudia, disheartened, then asks if she can come with him to his first chemotherapy appointment that day, to which Egon responds with heartfelt joy.

Egon begins to tell Claudia that he knows time travel really exists. When he starts to put the facts together and realizes that Ulrich kept returning to the caves, Claudia grows increasingly hostile and defensive. He tells Claudia she knows about time travel too and it is connected to the power plant. He starts phoning the police to search the caves. Claudia stops him and says this is too important to be jeopardized. He tells Claudia she has no heart. They struggle over the phone and Egon falls backwards, cracking his head open on the table. Claudia calls an ambulance (which could have saved his life) but hangs up, remembering what her older self said about sacrifices and everything happening as it always has so Regina will live. Egon speaks his last words to his daughter: "You are the White Devil."


During an argument with Claudia at his apartment, he fell and hit his head on the table or counter. This may have caused a cerebral hemorrhage or other internal injury, as he dies within minutes, as Claudia observes helplessly.

Notes and referencesEdit

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