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Edda Heimann is a Pathologist in 2019.


On November 5th, 2019, she examines the boy's body found by the search party and tells Charlotte of her findings. The burns around his eyes are strange as if melted. His ear canals where destroyed, the inner ear damaged, and the eardrums burst. The otoconia grains inside his ears (which help keep our balance) are not where they should be. This could be caused by pressure from a nosedive or intense rotation such as a centrifuge. [1]

On November 6th, 2019, Edda also examines one of the dead birds and tells Charlotte that she is no onithologists but the white speckles on the feathers are not typical of the species. [2]

"I've seen spots like that on feathers before. Thirty-three years ago. As if all this has happened before. The children, the birds...Somehow it's all connected. I just don't know how."
Charlotte Doppler[[Double Lives|[src]]]

Later, Charlotte gets a phone call from Edda and she tells her the bird had burst ear drums on both sides and likely died losing their bearings and hitting the ground cracking their skulls. It has been known to happen when electromagnetic fields interfere with the bird's sensory systems. She also tells her the white spots are a mutation seen after Chernobyl. [2] On November 9th, 2019, Ulrich comes to talk with Edda about the boy's body and if it is possible that he had been dead longer than the 10 hours in her report and was somehow preserved. She initially laughs and asks like being frozen? But then says there would be noticeable traces in the tissue. [3]

"Frozen steak isn't like fresh steak"
Edda Heimann[[Crossroads|[src]]]

She then asks him how long a preservation period? He answers with 33 years. She tells him the way he looks that is pretty much impossible. [3]


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