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Dr. Schaller is the veterinarian whom Egon Tiedemann arranges to examine one of 33 dead sheep from farmer Hermann Albers field. He seems to know Egon fairly well as he asks about his daughter Claudia becoming the next plant director (a big deal), and also after his grand-daughter Regina. Schaller also asks Egon if he is coming to a weekend party he and his wife are having, his wife makes Yugoslavian meatballs:

"Spicy as hell, but tasty as hell too."
―Dr. Schaller

Schaller tells Egon the sheep were not poisoned, but died of sudden cardiac arrest due to a herd panic. Suspecting Ulrich Nielsen, Egon asks if a single person could cause such a panic, but Schaller replies no, unless you're Freddy Krueger. Egon then asks if any of the sheep were missing a hoof, but none were. Finally Egon asks about Satanists, to which Dr. Schaller replies they like to make a show of things and there would be traces left behind in the pasture. Schaller also finds it strange that sheep's eardrums are ruptured on both sides.[1]

Cultural Reference[]

  • ABC's The Look of Love, a chart-topping hit released in 1982, plays in the background
  • Freddy Krueger is the villain in the Nightmare on Elm Street films, a child killer who is able to enter his victims' dreams.



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