"Double Lives" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Dark. It premiered on December 1, 2017.


Bizarre occurrences give Charlotte a sense of déjà vu, and she suspects Peter is hiding something. Franziska snaps when Magnus confronts her.

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The narrator asks the question of what lies behind a black hole. He wonders if the things that travel through them don't exactly disappear forever, but rather become part of an endless cycle that involves space and time. He's curious if the things that happened in the past were influenced by the future.



Multiple scenes are shown onscreen. They include shots of: the decorative torture room, a metal door with the triquetra symbol, the Emerald Tablet, the dead boy, the "Where When is Mikkel" newspaper, The Stranger, someone carving a sculpture from wood, Old Helge Doppler muttering "tick-tock" to himself in his room at the nursing home, and the cloaked kidnapper standing at the caves entrance.

November 6, 2019 Edit

DARK Still 104 - Charlotte and Peter

Charlotte and Peter's sleep in separate rooms.

At the Doppler family home, Charlotte and Peter Doppler emerge from their separate bedrooms. Peter says he is going to visit his father (Helge) on his way to work, and Charlotte says she will take their deaf 8 year old daughter, Elisabeth, to school. Franziska is furious that her lipstick is missing, assuming Elisabeth stole it. She goes to the living room and snatches a book from her little sister, demanding to know where her lipstick is. Elisabeth could only speak in sign language, and so, other people should communicate with her in that type of speech. Elisabeth signs that she didn't take it, but Franziska warns her that she can see through her acts. Elisabeth gives a smug smile.

Charlotte offers them a ride to their schools because of Mikkel Nielsen, but Franziska scorns the offer. Elisabeth asks if she's found the kidnapper yet, but Charlotte needs to keep police information classified. She signs that she doesn't like Mikkel, finding him a show-off, and she doesn't care if he ever comes back. Meanwhile, Jonas Kahnwald continues studying the Winden Cave map he found in his father's studio and puts it in his backpack. He goes downstairs, where Hannah is sitting smoking a cigarette. She suggests he skip school and they do something together, but he declines.


Peter visits Helge.

Peter visits Helge in his room, who was shaking uneasily and muttering that he has to tell "him" that "it" has to stop. He kept repeating his statement until Peter held his hand, and asks him what needs to be stopped. Helge starts chanting "tick-tock", until he notices the sadden expression on Peter's face.

Charlotte, driving Elisabeth to school, passes by a wildlife camera aimed at the road. She stops the car, breaks it open, and takes the memory card from it. Elisabeth asks if she has stolen something, and Charlotte defensively says she is "confiscating" it; Elisabeth, however, says it is the same thing. Meanwhile, Jonas heads into the caves while holding his map. Hiding behind a tree, The Stranger is spying on him while checking the time.


Mother and daughter.

Charlotte drops Elisabeth off at her school, telling her that she will pick her up after school as well. Elisabeth keeps looking over at one of the boys, Yasin Friese, who is her "boyfriend". She kisses Charlotte's forehead, then runs over to join her Yasin, who is also deaf. Meanwhile, Franziska was sitting through her boring symbolism class. Suddenly, Magnus Nielsen storms in, even though it wasn't his class. Franziska could tell that he is following her, so she checks the time and claims she needs to go to the bathroom. When she leaves, Magnus immediately follows after her, ignoring the suspicious glances from the people around him. He secretly pursues after her outside the school.

At the autopsy room, the coroner explains to Charlotte that the dead birds aren't meant to have any of the white speckles on their feathers. When the coroner asks about the dead boy, Charlotte replies that there was no match to his identity. The coroner then asks if she's alright, and she says "yes" at first, but then changes it to "no". She reveals that she has seen these feather spots 33 years ago. She can tell that this is a historic recurrence, and that the missing children and dead birds are connected somehow, but she just can't piece it together. Meanwhile, Jonas wanders in the dark and wet caves, shining his flashlight at every turn. He suddenly heard a noise, but decides to continue forward.

When Charlotte was walking through the station, Officer Torben Wöller informs her that someone snitched about the dead boy, and now the telephones are ringing. She instructs him to go through the missing persons database, ranging from the last 15 years, since he might have disappeared from the world ages ago. Wöller also states that the red soil on the body's clothes does not match the area where it was found. She commands him to get Justyna Jankowski to look into this, and ignores his question of what he should say to the callers.


Peter's car caught on camera.

At the Nielsen family home, Ulrich awakes in Mikkel's bed; he is late for work. Katharina, who was sitting in the room as well, tells him Charlotte had called, but the police still do not have a search warrant for the power plant. Ulrich dashes out. Meanwhile, in her office, Charlotte loads the memory card she took from the wildlife observation camera and checks for files from around the time of Mikkel's disappearance, between 9:30 and 10:30 PM She sees a car caught on camera at 9:30, and prints the screenshot as Wöller walks in. He asks if he should look through the tire tracks since Ulrich isn't in yet, the ones that were found on the road the day Erik disappeared. She wants to do it herself. When he tries to look at the screenshot, she firmly forces him out. After he leaves, she discovers that the license plate of the car is her husband Peter's Volvo.

Peter was entering his car after visiting his mentally ill father, until noticing red soil on the floor mat. He desperately shakes the grains off. Charlotte then calls him to say that she ignored his call on the evening Mikkel disappeared, asking why he called that time. Peter affirms that he doesn't remember. She then asks where he was the night Mikkel disappeared. He responds that he had been at the office until 10:00 PM in the evening writing reports, which is not consistent with where his vehicle was. After they hangup, Peter takes deep breathes, as if he was immensely nervous.

DARK Still 104 - Charlotte and Bernadette

Charlotte questions Benni.

Franziska walks through the forest, heading for the abandoned railroad tracks. Magnus observes her from a distance, hiding behind trees. She stops below the railroad bridge and retrieves an envelope from a box buried there, stuffing it in her pants. When she returns to school, Magnus is still trailing behind. Meanwhile, Charlotte arrives at a trailer parked by three trucks. She knocks on the door, and it was answered by Benni the transgender prostitute. Peter was cheating on Charlotte with her. Benni asks if this were a private or professional questioning, but Charlotte doesn't see the difference. She asks if Peter was here 2 days ago, and Benni denies, claiming that he hasn't visited her in over a year.

Ulrich goes over to one of the barbed fences of the Nuclear Plant, planning to climb it. Jonas is getting lost in the caves. He then decides to leave the cave and finds a red knot tied around a handle of his bike (presumably placed there by the Stranger). At the nursing home, Helge is chanting "The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning". He overhears a nurse talking about the terribly mutilated body found in the forest, which raises Helge's eyebrows. Franziska returns to the school and changes into her dance outfit. Magnus watches her practice.

Charlotte then heads up to the Doppler family hunting cabin, where she finds tire tracks caked in red dirt. She gets a call from the medical examiner just then. The birds also had burst eardrums on both sides, but had likely died from crashing into the ground due to losing its bearings from electrical interference. She also mentions that the white spots on the feathers were genetic mutations first documented after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, but that the radiation levels were normal. After entering and exiting the dark cabin, she takes sight of a rotten bunker. She opens the metal hatchet, goes down the stairs, and switches the rusty lights on. The underground room was murky with pipes and a bench. She receives a call from someone, to which she responds "He did what?".


Magnus kisses Franziska.

School is over, Elisabeth and Yasin are conversing. The latter was disappointed when his mom arrived to pick him up. She offers to give Elisabeth a ride as well, but Elisabeth declines, saying her own mother would be arriving any minute. Meanwhile, Franziska is done with her dance class, going to the locker room to change. The envelope was gone, and Magnus enters, revealing that he has opened it. He asks how she got all the money, suspecting that she was a drug dealer, which could explain why she was at the caves in the first place. She admits that she's planning to leave Winden, since it's a place of liars. Magnus doesn't see her any different, since she pretends to be a straight-A student but she's not. Franziska goes on about her parents; they have slept in different beds for over a year, her mom discovered her father was homosexual, but yet still pretend that everything is normal, afraid to admit that their marriage is over. She feels as if she needs to escape this land of lies. Although she pushed him away, Magnus goes over and starts kissing her, and Franziska responds. They undress and have sexual intercourse on the locker room bench.

At home, Peter answers a call from Charlotte, who reminds him to pick up Elisabeth from school. She also tells him that they made a promise that if there's anything he wants to tell her, he can. Peter hesitantly decides to hangup. Charlotte heads to the Nuclear Plant. Meanwhile, Elisabeth is alone, waiting at school. She practises using her big sister's lipstick.

It was raining again, and Helge sneaks out of the nursing home, unprotected. He chants "tick-tock". He ventures into the forest. Elisabeth is taking the forest lane, cheerfully skipping over puddles. She then notices a torn Raider candy bar below her feet. Meanwhile, Peter arrives at the school, asking a teacher where his daughter is, but she thought Elisabeth was already picked up. Peter is startled by that reply, and runs away.

DARK Still 104 - Ulrich interrogated in Power Plant

Ulrich is interrogated.

Charlotte is called to the Nuclear Plant because Ulrich climbed over the fence. Aleksander Tiedemann informs her that security found him near their section of the caves. He lead her to the office, where Ulrich was interrogated by an armed guard. He had a scar and a black eye on the right side of his face. Driving him home, Charlotte scolds him, saying he is lucky Aleksander isn't pressing charges. Ulrich is embittered, saying that his son is gone and it's not just a file on a desk. He always asked himself "Why Mikkel?", believing that he himself is being punished. He is aggravated that he only receives sympathy but no one is doing anything, and that's because Mikkel isn't their child. Ulrich defiantly demands Charlotte drop him off in the pouring rain, and she relents. She receives a call from a panicked Peter. Elisabeth is gone.

Through the forest road, she stops and finds Elisabeth's knit fox cap astray on the ground. In the evening, Charlotte returns home with a face of shock. Peter has called her entire class list with no news. She shows him the cap, which makes Peter's expression parallel to her's. They hug each other slowly, fearing the worst. She sends police in the forest are searching for Elisabeth.

Jonas packs his map in his desk and lies in bed, staring at the ceiling. Ulrich returns to his dim-lit house, where Katharina silently notices his scar. A plump man with a dark hooded jacket (presumably Tronte Nielsen) goes over to the Doppler bunker. Franziska returns home to see her parents extremely worried, and she calculates the situation. Helge walks through the forest lane, and is spotted by Wöller. He says to him "I have to tell him. That he has to stop".


Elisabeth says she met "Noah".

Suddenly, Elisabeth emerges through the front door of the house. Charlotte embraces her, thankful that she didn't go missing. She demands to know where she was, and Elisabeth signs that on the way home, she met a man named "Noah". Noah gave her a gold pocket watch that apparently used to belong to Charlotte. Franziska comes downstairs and gives her a hug, but seeing Elisabeth wearing her lipstick, slaps her. Charlotte opens the pocket watch and finds an engraving: "For Charlotte". Peter receives a call from Wöller, who informs that he found Helge in the woods.

November 7, 2019 Edit

In the dawn of the day, the Stranger sneaks into the Kahnwald family home. He goes into Jonas' bedroom while the teenager was asleep. He takes out the map and writes something, before putting it back. The narrator talks about how people want to know their fate, but the truth is that everything is predetermined. Meanwhile, Helge wakes up in the nursing home and sees Nurse Clara Schrage. He grasps her hand and says that he has to stop "him". She asks who, and he responds "Noah".

Yasin walks through the forest alone, frustrated that his parents didn't allow him at first. He pauses to pick up a stick figure left in the path. Just then, the cloaked kidnapper approaches him and says "You must be Yasin. Noah sent me."



  • Narrator: Black holes are considered to be the hellmouths of the universe. Those who fall inside disappear, forever. But whereto? What lies behind a black hole? Along with things, do space and time also vanish there? Or would space and time be tied together and be part of an endless cycle? What if everything that came from the past was influenced by the future?
  • Elisabeth (signing): I don't like Mikkel. He's a show-off and a jerk. I don't really care if he ever comes back.
  • Teacher: Symmetry is a special kind of doubling. The repetition is mirrored along a central axis. So, the repetition begins at an imaginary centre point and branches off in two opposing directions. There are several encrypted references to later events in the novel. Ottilie's starvation, for example, is referenced in the third chapter of part one, as her "excessive abstemiousness in eating and drinking." This reference is again repeated later.
  • Franziska: You want the truth? Fine. My parents have slept in different beds for over a year. My mom found out that Dad's actually into dicks. Their marriage is over, but no one will say it. Instead, this big fat secret is always with us at the table. It eats our bread rolls, the butter and the homemade jam. It gets fatter and fatter, until there's no space left in the room, until you can't breathe.
  • Charlotte: You made me a promise a year ago. If there's anything at all you want to tell me...
    Peter: Hey, I really have to get going or else I'll be late.
  • Charlotte (speaking, signing): I want to know who gave this to you.
    Elisabeth (signing): Noah.
    Charlotte (speaking, signing): Who is Noah?
    Elisabeth (signing): He said it used to belong to you.
  • Narrator: We're searching for Ariadne's thread, the one meant to guide us along the right path—a beacon in the darkness. We'd love to know our fate, where we're headed. But the truth is that there is but one path through all times, predetermined by the beginning and by the end—which is also the beginning.

Trivia Edit

Mysteries Edit

  • Who is the narrator? What does he mean by events in the past being influenced by the future, and that people are stuck in an endless cycle? What does he mean by actions being predetermined?
  • Why does Helge have a mental illness? How does he know Noah? Why does he need to stop him?
  • Why does Peter have the red soil that was found on the dead boy's clothes? What's his connection?
  • Why was there red soil at the Doppler cabin?
  • What's the significance of the Doppler bunker?
  • Who is Noah? What is the pocket watch that apparently belonged to Charlotte? Why did he let Elisabeth go? Why is he orchestrating the kidnappings of children?
  • Why is The Stranger following Jonas and what did he write on the map?

Answers Edit

  • The cloaked kidnapper is working for Noah, which makes the latter the true man behind the missing children (excluding Mikkel).

Themes and Motifs Edit

Time Edit

  • Helge chants "Tick-tock".
  • Charlotte and Peter has slept in different rooms for over a year.
  • Charlotte wonders where Peter was 2 days ago.
  • The Stranger checks the time when observing Jonas.
  • Charlotte instructs Wöller to look through the missing children's database from 15 years ago. She's also aware that Mikkel went missing between 9:30 and 10:30 PM.
  • Benni claims Peter hasn't visited her in over a year.
  • Noah gave Elisabeth a pocket watch.

Time Travel Edit

  • The narrator is talking about black holes. He wonders if something that goes through one were to become part of a time cycle. He also believes that events in the past were somehow influenced by the future.

Determinism Edit

  • The current situation is causing Charlotte and Peter to be anxious of their children.
  • Magnus' fixation on Franziska is making him desperate to find out her plans, and make up for her problems.
  • Ulrich's grief is driving to him to extents of breaking the law.
  • The narrator's last speech is about people's action being predetermined.

Colors Edit

  • The walls of the upstairs Doppler family home are blue.
  • Charlotte is wearing red is the morning.
  • Hannah was wearing red.
  • Elisabeth's fox cap is red.
  • Charlotte finds red soil outside the Doppler cabin.
  • Peter's Volvo is blue.
  • Franziska's dance uniform is light blue.
  • Jonas find a red knot on his bike.

Historic Recurrences Edit

  • Charlotte is experiencing immense déjà vu from what's happening, since it reflects 1986.

Religion and Mythology Edit

Foxes Edit

  • Elisabeth wears a knit fox cap.

Observations Edit

  • This episode largely focuses on the Doppler Family, who give the impression all is normal but in reality things are quite chaotic.
  • Helge has dementia.
  • A radio report of the missing boys is similar to what we heard in the preceding episode in 1986.
  • The bird has burst eardrums on both sides, just like the dead body and the sheep that died in 1986. 
  • Elisabeth is rather cheeky and snarky. 
  • Charlotte and Peter's marriage is strained, but they still live together. This shows how complicated their relationship is. 
  • Charlotte is very observant.  
  • Helge happens to have a lot of information. 
  • Even though Franziska acts discomforted by Magnus, she gave in to her own feelings for him. 
  • Although Tronte Nielsen is credited, he didn't physically appear in this episode. He's possibly the hooded plump man going into the Doppler cabin late at night. 

Soundtrack Edit

  • "Goodbye" by Apparat
    The opening song.
  • "Keep the Streets Empty For Me" by Fever Ray
    The Dopplers are worried about Elisabeth.


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