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The Doppler family is one of the four interconnected families who are the central characters of Dark.


When it was headed by Bernd Doppler, the family appears to have been quite wealthy and prominent. Bernd was the force behind the development of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant[1] and later its long-serving director.[2] He, his wife Greta, and their son Helge lived in a palatial manor that later became the Waldhotel Winden.[1]

Helge was not Bernd's biological son,[3] as Greta suggested when she confided in the false priest Hanno Tauber that he was not born out of love,[4] and she was stern and unaffectionate towards him.[1] From some combination of this, intellectual disability, and/or trauma or other injury from Ulrich Nielsen's attack on him in 1953, Helge never reached the heights of his father's achievements and worked as a janitor at the same plant.[2] As both a young boy and a grown man he was exploited by Noah, or Hanno Tauber, and helped in his kidnappings and experiments.[5][6][7]

Unbeknownst to the entire town, Bernd had a child with Claudia Tiedemann in 1971.[8][9] Claudia raised the child, Regina, as a single mother.[2]

By 1986, Greta was out of the picture.[6] In 1987, Bernd was murdered in his palatial home at the hands of the Unknown for his key to the nuclear power plant.[10]

Helge did come to father one son, Peter, although Peter's mother has never been identified. After Peter's mother died in 1987,[11] he moved to Winden and grew up to become a therapist there.[12] He married the orphan Charlotte Doppler, who had been raised by clockmaker H.G. Tannhaus,[13] and they had two daughters, Franziska and Elisabeth.[12] In 2020, following the apocalypse, Peter was killed by a marauder while trying to protect his younger daughter.[11]

Franziska grew old with her partner Magnus Nielsen but they never had kids. After escaping the apocalypse in 2020 by traveling to 1888, the two grew up to become part of Sic Mundus, the time travelers cult led by Adam.[13] In a paradox, Elisabeth grew up to become the mother of her own mother with Noah,[14] thus linking the Dopplers to the Nielsen family, and through the Nielsens to the Kahnwalds as well. Elisabeth became affiliated with Sic Mundus as well following the apocalypse and the death of her father, and Hanno was a committed follower since his youth.[15]


Doppler means doubler in German.



  • Doppler manor (Bernd, Greta, Helge—1950s-1980s) | (Bernd, Greta?—1980s-unknown)
  • Doppler cabin (Helge, Peter—1980s-unknown)
  • Doppler family home (Peter, Charlotte, Franziska, Elisabeth; 2000s-2020)
  • Winden Rest Home (Helge—2000s-2019)
  • Erna's inn (Erna, Agnes, Hanno—1920 or earlier-unknown)
  • St. Christopher church (young Noah, adult Noah—1920-unknown; adult Agnes—1921)
  • Unknown home (Noah, Elisabeth, Charlotte—by 2040; Elisabeth—after 2041-unknown)

Family tree[]

The following is a family tree representing the Doppler Family.

Bernd Doppler
Greta Doppler
Bartosz Tiedemann
Silja Tiedemann
Helge Doppler
Ulla Schmidt
Elisabeth Doppler
Agnes Nielsen (see Nielsen family)
Peter Doppler
Charlotte Doppler
Franziska Doppler
Elisabeth Doppler
Charlotte Doppler


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