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The Bunker is an underground bunker that exists behind the property of the Doppler Family Shack.

The bunker is immediately atop the Winden Caves.[1]

Original World[]

In 1974, H.G. Tannhaus begins to use the bunker to build a time machine in the hopes of going back in time to prevent the deaths of his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter that occurred in 1971. On June 21, 1986, he completes and activates the machine, but instead of successfully traveling back in time, the Original World is destroyed and Adam's World and Eva's World are created in its place.[2]

Adam's World[]

In 1953, Helge plays in the bunker which has a metal framed cot, crates, a shelf for storage that has pine cones, jars, and bottles on them. He sees the 2 dates (5-11-1953 & 9-11-1953) [3] written on the wall by Noah.[1]

In 1986, it is used by Helge and Noah to secure their victims (Mads - 1986, Erik - 2019, Yasin - 2019) in a nightmarish children's room that has at its middle, a chair (almost like an electric chair) with shackles and eye covers. The bunker along with the chair, channel the energy from the wormhole within the caves below to form a time machine. [4]

After Jonas went back to 1986 again, he was kidnapped from the hospital and brought to the Bunker by Helge and Noah. The Stranger comes to talk to Jonas through the Bunker door then goes to activate the apparatus within the Winden Caves.[4] Jonas then witnesses a wormhole open in front of him and sees young Helge,[4] who is in the 1953 bunker after being bludgeoned by Ulrich.[3] They proceed to touch each other through the wormhole and both time travel 33 years in to the future of their original timeline within the bunker.[4]

In 2019, Peter uses it to sit alone and recite the serenity prayer, when Mads appears out of nowhere and falls into the bunker. He then contacts Tronte who comes to the bunker to see Mads for himself. Claudia appears and convinces them both to help move Mads to the forest to be found by the police. It is unclear what/if anything happens to Peter Doppler and Charlotte Doppler while in the bunker when the apparatus is activated back in 1986 by The Stranger inside Winden Caves while Jonas Kahnwald in 1986 bunker and Helge Doppler in 1953 bunker touch hands through the wormhole and time travel 33 years into the future from their original timelines.[4]

On September 24, 2020, Claudia, who's now using the bunker as her base, brings Jonas to the bunker to show him the broken apparatus, noting they could try to get it working again.[5]

In 2041, an adult Jonas is using the bunker to stay in as well when he's accosted by Noah, who believes Jonas had something to do with baby Charlotte's disappearance.[2]

In 2052, Claudia and Jonas (who is now The Stranger) look over the string wall they've set up in the bunker as Claudia tells him it's time and he must go back in time to guide his 2019 self, making sure he stays on the same path, though this time he'll finally be able to change everything and untie the knot. She then directs him to H.G. Tannhaus to fix the apparatus. After he leaves, Claudia rips out the last pages in the triquetra notebook and tucks them away in her jacket before leaving the bunker as well.[2] An unknown time later, she returns to change her appearance, notebook still in her possession.[6]

Eva's World[]

On November 8, 1986, Ulrich, having traveled back in time and came across an adult Helge, attempts to kill Helge in the belief it'll prevent the future kidnappings and murders. After bludgeoning him, Ulrich drags an unconscious Helge into the nearby bunker, which is similarly decorated like the nightmarish child's room in Adam's World except the prominent color is yellow instead of blue. However, the elderly time-traveling Helge from 2019 appears behind Ulrich and knocks him out with a crowbar before going in and killing his attacker from 33 years ago. As Helge finds the 2 pennies on Ulrich's body, the elderly Claudia from Adam's World also enters the bunker.[6]

On November 4, 2019, Magnus Nielsen and Franziska Doppler meet up in the bunker and have sex, with both declaring their love for each other. Later that night, the two, along with Martha, Kilian Obendorf, and Bartosz Tiedemann, go to check out Winden Caves but, when loud, disturbing noises began to come out of it and all their lights began to flicker, the group ran off before taking shelter in the bunker. Just as the rumbling stops and the lights stop flickering, a wormhole opens right there in the bunker and a dead boy's body falls through. Martha approaches and finds a student card on the body, indicating it's Mads Nielsen.[7]

The next day, on November 5, the police have roped off the area after the teenagers reported the dead body. Despite the bunker being relatively barren,Charlotte goes back to inspect the area. She eyes the chalk outline of the body in the bunker before she pulls out a light and inspects under the benches, eventually finding a red string with a penny attached.[8]

A few days later on November 8, just as the apocalypse is about to happen, an adult Noah brings Elisabeth to the bunker where his younger self is also waiting to ride out the blast that's about to happen.[5]

On November 6, 2052, what was Winden has become little more than a barren desert, though the bunker remains intact. A middle-aged Martha shows young Martha and Jonas the bunker, with the interior walls covered in words and lines written in chalk, similar to the string wall in Adam's World. As the older Martha tells them this is their future and Eva's world is destined for an apocalypse 33 years from their yesterday, the younger Martha asks her questions, particularly about the crossed out names, and older Martha reveals they're the ones that died during the apocalypse that's in two days in both worlds. The older Martha then re-iterates to the two that this is their future if they don't stop the apocalypse in time, which is activated by the barrels at the nuclear power plant. In disbelief at everything she's being told, the younger Martha runs out of the bunker with Jonas running after her. After they leave, the older Martha draws two new lines on the wall, connecting her name and Jonas' and then a shared line down to the infinity symbol, which is in turn connected to many other names on the wall. As she does this, an adult Noah appears, revealing they're working together to keep the the knot tied and thus, set the two teenagers on their way to ensure the apocalypse happens and that The Unknown is born.[9]


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