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Daniel Kahnwald is the father of Ines Kahnwald. He was Winden's chief of police in 1953-1954 and Egon Tiedemann's superior.



Daniel was born in 1915, in Winden. By 1940 he married an unknown woman and had a daughter named Ines. Before 1953, he became the chief of police of Winden.


November 10[]

Daniel was with a group of police officers, including Egon Tiedemann, investigating two children's bodies with the eyes disfigured (the dead Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese from 2019)–dressed oddly, as if in costumes–on the construction site of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. He and Egon turn around to notice a boy atop the hill surveying the scene, until cycling away.

In the police coroner room, Pathologist Udo Meier informs Egon and Daniel that the boys' eyes are burned as if from a phosphorous grenade and their ears are completely destroyed. Adding to the mystery, both boys had a pfennig coin strung around their neck, dated 1986 and their clothes are labelled "Made in China." Egon then wonders whether the boys are from China. Udo says they are definitely not from here. One boy looks Mediterranean or Arabian, and the redhead has a strange tattoo.

He sends officers to the construction area to place signs noting the "Crime Scene", which distracts the audience of Bernd Doppler's press conference.[1]

November 11[]

At the station, Daniel Kahnwald notifies Egon Tiedemann that Bernd has informed of his son's disappearance. In turn, Egon tells Daniel that there was a man from the day before who asked about his own missing son and facts on Helge. Daniel wants to send out a APB, and that Bernd shouldn't know.[2]

November 12[]

1x10 0047 Daniel

After taking a time traveller named Ulrich Nielsen into custody for being the suspected murderer and kidnapper, Daniel, Egon and a group of officers visit his cell to intimidate him. Ulrich begs them to let him go so that he can find his son, but Daniel didn't listen and furiously questions him on Helge Doppler's whereabouts. When Ulrich didn't talk, the officers proceed to beat him with their batons.[3]


June 23[]

After Helge returned home, Daniel and Egon were wonder why, after 7 months, they still have no clue as to the identity of the suspect (Ulrich) and why no one has come elsewhere.[4]

June 26[]

After the murder of a future Claudia Tiedemann, Meier presents her corpse to them, stating that she is covered entirely with radiation. Daniel suggests that she had a relation to the suspect (Ulrich), so he instructs Egon to show Helge a picture of her to see if he recognises her.[5]


He retired his job and died in 1964.


Season 1[]

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