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Dark color scheme

Dark color scheme

Some colors feature prominently in Dark. Their appearance on screen creates a vivid contrast to the dark and bleak color scheme of the show.

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Pathologists Chemicals

Three colors which feature prominently are yellow, red and blue. In the color wheel, these three colors are equally distanced to each other and stand in a triadic relation to one another, just like the years in the cycle are 33 years apart.


Profile - Jonas 2019

Jonas in his iconic yellow raincoat


Yellow barrels of radioactive material

  • Jonas wears a yellow raincoat when outside.
  • The Raider bar wrapper is gold with red lettering.
  • The doors and trim of the high school are painted yellow.
  • The barrels of nuclear waste from the 1986 incident are yellow.
  • Agnes sometimes wears a bright yellow dress.
  • The radiation suits are yellow.
  • The anti-nuclear sweatshirt Mads Nielsen wears in his 1986 photo with Ulrich is yellow.
  • The cassette tape in Mads' Walkman is yellow.
  • Benni's umbrella is yellow.
  • Hannah's massage table is yellow.



The 1986 pfennig on a red lanyard

  • The 1986 pfennig coin found on the bodies of the dead boys hangs on a red cord
  • The red cord showing the path through the Winden Caves to the portal is red
  • Martha, Claudia, and most of the women, sometimes wear bright red lipstick
  • Franziska Doppler is angry about Elisabeth taking her red lipstick
  • Claudia wears a bright red suit when she meets with Bernd
  • The string Martha as Ariadne provides for navigating the labyrinth is red
  • Agnes wears a red dress when she arrives in Winden in 1953
  • Mikkel Nielsen is wearing a red coat when he is transported to 1986 (Past and Present)
  • Claudia Tiedemann sometimes wears a red blouse as a child



The bunker in 1986

  • The wallpaper in the 1986 bunker has a blue background
  • Jana Nielsen wears blue sweaters, blouses, and shawls
  • Tronte Nielsen wears a blue jacket when he arrives in Winden
  • Agnes sometimes wears a blue dress