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The pfennig coin was a recurring item in Season 1 of Dark. Each boy whose body was discovered in 1953 and 2019 was found with a lanyard of red cord around the neck, to which was attached a single pfennig with the minting year 1986.

Dark 1x01 - Coin on red string

Suspended from Erik Obendorf's neck

A hooded figure is seen placing the lanyard around Erik Obendorf's neck after he is strapped down in the chair. His body, and that of Yasin Friese, are placed at the construction site for the power plant to be discovered, but the date stamp mystifies the police.[1]

Such a coin is also retrieved from the body of a boy found in the forest in 2019 during the search for Mikkel Nielsen.[2] The body was later established to be that of Mads Nielsen, who had disappeared in 1986.

The coin does not appear to serve any particular role in time travel, but rather identifies the year of "origin" when using the chair. Mads was kidnapped in 1986. Erik and Yasin were kidnapped in 2019, but taken through the wormhole in the Winden Caves to 1986, for Noah's experiments using the chair.

Behind the scenes[]

The pfennig—the word is etymologically related to penny—was a unit of currency valued at one hundredth of a Deutsche Mark, first issued by West Germany's postwar government in 1948. A 1986 coin would have been made of copper-coated steel featuring the words Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) and the minting year surrounding an oak seedling on the obverse, and two stalks of rye and the currency amount on the reverse. It was abolished in 2001, along with the Deutsche Mark, with the adoption of the euro.


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