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This article is about the Claudia from Eva's World. For the Claudia from Adam's World, see Claudia Tiedemann. For the Claudia from the Original World, see Claudia Doppler.

Claudia Tiedemann is a time traveler and member of Erit Lux.


Just before the apocalypse devastates her world, Claudia gathers with the rest of Erit Lux. Eva instructs Claudia to recruit her alternate self to their cause.[3]

Claudia uses her golden time travel sphere to visit Adam's world in 2020. There, she meets her alternate self in the abandoned police station in post-apocalyptic Winden. She convinces the Claudia of Adam's world to join Erit Lux in the fight against Adam.[4]

Eva entrusts Claudia to keep check on Adam's world. The other Claudia maintains regular contact with her for two decades, however, the other Claudia begins to pursue things counter to Eva's plans and comes to the conclusion that neither Adam nor Eva has the answer. In 2040, the Claudia of Adam's world kills her alternate self and assumes her identity.[5]



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