Claudia Tiedemann is the mother of Regina Tiedemann and former head of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. According to Noah, she is his main adversary in the war for time travel control, and is behind many events that unwind during the show.

She had an affair with Tronte Nielsen, Mads and Ulrich Nielsens's father, and Tronte is also possibly Regina's father.


Claudia lived with her parents, Egon and Doris Tiedemann and her dog Gretchen. They take in boarders, Agnes Nielsen and her son Tronte. She tutors Helge Doppler in math.


Claudia is the first woman to be the head of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. She takes over the position from Bernd Doppler.


Claudia is largely absent during 2019. She is a known time traveler. She and Noah are in a struggle for control of time the events going on in the time loop.