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Clara Schrage works at the Winden Nursing home where she takes care of Helge Doppler. He is known to have escaped the facility several times, but usually comes back within few hours.

She has interactions with the following people:

  • Helge grabs Clara Schrage's arm after waking and says he must stop Noah. [1]
  • Tells a co-worker, she left her kids home with her mother. Nurse Anne Reisch replies that she has a pathologist friend that says the boy's body that was found was mutilated. [1]
  • When Ulrich comes to get information on "why not forest road?", and the staff have to pull him off of Helge after Helge says he knows him and he can change to past and the future. [2]
  • Charlotte speaks with Clara Schrage about Helge missing since November 9th and if Ulrich had returned. She tells Charlotte that she hadn't seen Ulrich since he lashed out at Helge as if he had something to to with the case. [3]

Appearances / References[]

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