The Winden parish church, dedicated to St. Christopher, is a wooden structure seemingly of Scandinavian design with a clock tower and simple functional interior.

History Edit

1921 Edit

Under construction and is the headquarters of Sic Mundus cult and underground lair with Adam as their leader. [1]

1953 Edit

Hanno Tauber (aka Noah) is acting priest and talks with Greta Doppler who confesses Helge Doppler may not be Bernd Doppler's son as he was a child born out of love. [2]

1986 Edit

Hanno Tauber (aka Noah) is acting priest.and talks with Helge Doppler in the churchyard. [3]

Noah acting priest also speaks with MIkkel Nielsen at the Hospital. [4]

2019 Edit

Michael Kahnwald is buried in the nearby graveyard. This is where Jonas meets The Stranger for the first time.[4]

Mads Nielsen also has a gravestone here that Jana Nielsen visits, though his body was never found. [5] Ulrich also visits Mad's gravesite. [6]

2053 Edit

Jonas walks through the graveyard but the church is mostly destroyed. He sees ~50 makeshift graves with wooden crosses including the following people and all had the same death date of June 27th, 2020: [7]

Behind the scenes Edit


Some scenes featuring the exterior of the church were reportedly filmed at the chapel located on Südwestkirchhof in Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg.

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