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This article is about the Charlotte from Eva's world. For the Charlotte from Adam's world, see Charlotte Doppler.

Charlotte Doppler is the wife of Peter Doppler and the mother of Franziska and Elisabeth. She is the daughter of Hanno Tauber and her own daughter Elisabeth. She is a police officer in 2019.



November 4[]

An elderly Helge Doppler with his left eye destroyed mutters "It will happen again" repeatedly, while holding a coin, as his son Peter looks at him. Charlotte walks in, and Peter tells her he has not said anything all morning. He asks Charlotte how the doctor's appointment had been, and she says it was the usual, and leaves. Helge starts saying "Tick-tock" now, visibly agitated.

Chief of Police Ulrich Nielsen informs the rest of the police station that Erik Obendorf has been missing for nearly two weeks. Torben Wöller is present in the meeting, with both eyes intact, but missing his left arm. When Ulrich asks for ideas, Charlotte mentions they have not received the shift schedules from the power plant yet. Ulrich nods and asks her to check with Tiedemann.

Charlotte talks to Aleksander Tiedemann at the nuclear power plant and tries to get him to give her the schedules his employees had the night of Erik's disappearance. Aleksander asks for a court order, but Charlotte does not have any. However, Aleksander tells her he would have the schedules sent to her. Charlotte asks how he had been, and Aleksander coldly states he was alright. She gets up to start leaving, but she turns around to ask him if he thought it was possible for Erik to have made his way onto the grounds. Aleksander mentions that this was impossible because the access points had been sealed.

Charlotte returns to the police station, where she is called by Ulrich. In there, Ulrich begins kissing her, and she says they need to stop. Torben walks in and gives them information which Ulrich finds irrelevant, but Charlotte tells him they can work with it. Ulrich later tells Charlotte he is going to the parents meeting and offers her a ride, which she accepts.

November 5[]

Ulrich informs Mads' body was found

Ulrich had to inform all of his colleagues that his brother's body had been found.

At the police station, Ulrich lets everybody know that Bartosz Tiedemann, Franziska Doppler, Kilian Obendorf, as well as Magnus and Martha Nielsen, found a body at the Doppler bunker the night before. Crying, he mentions that the clothes are from the 80's and that they found a card which identified the body as his brother Mads Nielsen. Charlotte pulls Ulrich away, and tells him he does not have to be there at such a difficult time for him, as Wöller could do briefings and she could do forensics. Ulrich reminds her that he spent thirty-three years looking for his brother, and mentions the body had all of Mads's things, which were kept until the moment the body was "placed" in the bunker. Charlotte asks him if he believes the killer was connected to Mads, Erik, and the boy in the bunker. Ulrich does not give a direct answer, and reminds her that he became a police officer because when his brother went missing, the detective was a moron and did every mistake the could have possibly made. However, Ulrich is now looking at himself and believes he is becoming worse, as he cheated on his wife, and cheated on Hannah as well. After he comes to this realization, he leaves.

Later that day, Hannah brings sweets and asks Charlotte and Torben if Ulrich was there, as she had been wanting to contact him all morning. Charlotte is confused and told Hannah that she thought Ulrich had gone home. Hannah tells Charlotte she looks very different and asks if she got a haircut, but Charlotte says that she had not. Hannah grows suspicious of Charlotte and hugs her, while smelling her hair, which makes Charlotte uncomfortable.

Charlotte approaches the bunker as she leaves Ulrich a message saying that she hopes he is alright and asks him to call her back. She enters the bunker and shines a flashlight around until she finds a necklace which has a coin just like the one Helge had. Charlotte drives to the church, where Peter, who is a priest is at with another man. The young man thanks him, and leaves. Peter tells Charlotte that he had been trying to reach her, but she tells him she was in the bunker, and asked him why he was not home with Franziska to which he is not able to reply. Charlotte asks him where Helge was last night because Peter had said that they had had dinner together, and asks where he was after that. Peter asks why she is asking this, but Charlotte proceeds to ask if when Peter got to Winden in 1987 Helge still lived in the cabin. Peter did not understand the questions, but responded negatively, and added that after the accident, Helge moved to the nursing home. She asked about 1986, and wondered if he ever used the bunker. Peter stops her, and asks her what she wants from him, so Charlotte shows him the necklace and tells him she found it in the bunker. Peter tells her that she could not be right, as Helge was with them all night. Charlotte looks suspicious as Peter gets a call telling him that Helge was at the police station confessing.

When Charlotte and Peter get to the police station, Peter asks Helge why he was confessing because it made no sense to him. He remembers Helge never left the house, but Helge reiterates that he killed the child. Peter begs him to stop, but Charlotte points out that all the things they found on the child were from 1986 on Mads Nielsen.

November 8[]

Aleksander calls Charlotte and says he wants to show her something. He takes her to the yellow barrels filled with nuclear waste from the incident in 1986. When he opens one of the barrels, black matter rises from it, triggering the apocalypse that destroys Winden.

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