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The chair is a device found in the middle of the bunker in 1986 and 1987. Noah and his henchman Helge Doppler use it to experiment with time travel.[1]



The chair resembles an electric chair as it has wrist and ankle shackles, and metal eye ring, and has electrical cords running from it. In fact, it is a prototype time machine built that channels the energy from the wormhole within the caves below.[2]

The chair has been used on three of the missing children: Mads Nielsen, Erik Obendorf, and Yasin Friese. It transported them thirty-three years in time, but also killed them, shattering their eardrums and charring their eyes in the process.


Noah in 1987 uses an updated chair to send Helge back to 1954 on June 23, after he has healed up from Ulrich Nielsen previously bashing him in the head with a rock and locking in the bunker over seven months prior.[3]

The wormhole is not yet active again until June 27 when Jonas and Claudia reopen it.[4] This indicates that the upgraded chair is a self sufficient time travel device that can run on Cs-137.

Helge was previously transported from the bunker in 1953 to the bunker in 1986 after he and Jonas Kahnwald, who was in the bunker in the '80s, touched through the wormhole or portal that opened in the bunker after the Stranger used the portable time machine in the cave passage.[3]


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