• Thalesogoncalves

    Ok, there are two alternative paths right before Adam's world apocalypse: 1) Martha saves Jonas and takes him to Eva's World 2019; and 2) Martha is convinced by Bartosz and doesn't save Jonas, leaving him to save himself in the basement.

    My question is: what is so important about this scene that enables the reality to fork? Why doesn't reality fork other times? Why does reality fork this time?

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  • Tof42

    I spent so much time trying to imagine the origin of the loop, and even now that it has been revealed I'm still having a hard time with it, some many paradoxes.

    To help me out, I re-created the genealogy tree as seen in the TV show (spoiler alert if you haven't seen season 3 yet): Maybe it will help some you guys as it did me.

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  • GuyDitch

    Is Jonas really Adam?

    Given that the makers of Dark go to extensive measures to find actors who have a striking resemblance to each other for the characters they play at different ages, I have always found it odd that Adam does not have the same facial structure as Jonas especially in the chin.

    I have two theories on who could actually be Adam:

    Kilian Obendorf - The guy in the play with Martha. I presume he is Erik's brother and it seems like he's going to play a far more significant role in Season 3. Maybe he is trying to find a way to find Erik and save him?

    Bartosz - I still believe there is a chance Adam is Bartosz and he's trying to create a world where Martha loves him rather than Jonas. Remember, he was the one who found Erik's phone wi…

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  • Brenolax

    Duvidas sobre dark

    June 16, 2020 by Brenolax

    about the last episode of the first season. if jonas let the jonas of the past leave the bunker the jonas of the future would not exist, but the jonas of the future already exists and so would adam, that is, he (jonas of the past) would not even leave? And there is already that paradox in the case that ulrich made it possible for the helge to still stay alive. someone help me??

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  • RebJam

    OK I don't see too much speculation but who is Regina's father? Who could've turned Claudia's head? Yes she had an affair with Tronte but I think that would've been discussed if he were going to be the father...

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  • Barneybbates

    Dark Cave Winden Cave map far

    I WAS / AM making the Cave map from Dark and im in need of help photos an tips

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