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"Between the Time" is the seventh episode of Season 3 of Dark. It premiered on June 27, 2020, and is the 25th episode overall.


Across three centuries, Winden's residents continue their desperate quest to alter their fate and save their loved ones.



Schroedinger's cat.

Schroedinger's cat - The vial of poison is broken.

A young H.G. Tannhaus poses the question: "What is reality? And is there only one of them? Or do several realities coexist?" He goes on to explain how Erwin Schroedinger addressed this question by devising an extremely interesting thought experiment, Schroedinger's cat. A cat is locked in a steel chamber with a tiny amount of radioactive substance, a Geiger counter, a vial of poison, and a hammer. As soon as a radioactive atom decays inside the steel chamber, the Geiger counter releases the hammer, which smashes the vial of poison, and the cat is dead.

Schroedinger's cat - The cat is dead.

However, due to the wave characteristics of the quantum world, the atom is both decayed and intact. Both states are true until we view it in a definitive state. It continues to exist in two superimposed states until the moment we look and see whether the cat is dead or alive. Therefore, the attributes "dead" and "alive", exist in the microcosm simultaneously.

H.G. Tannhaus explaining Schroedinger's cat.

But what if the simultaneous existence of life and death is also applied to the macrocosmic world? Could two different realities potentially exist side by side? Could we split time and allow it to run in two different directions and induce a state of death and life simultaneously? How many different realities could exist side by side?

Outside, two versions of alternate world Martha approach the Kahnwald House in two different realities. In one reality, alternate world Martha enters the house to save Jonas and take him to her world (where he will eventually be killed). While in the second reality, Bartosz calls out to her to not go in, as Adam and the others lied to her, that Adam is going to kill her in the future and doesn't want to stop the apocalypse. He tells her he knows what the origin is and how it's all connected and to trust him. He takes out an orb, Martha goes to him and they disappear, just before the apocalypse hits. At the same time, Jonas escapes, just before the apocalypse hits his house.


H.G. Tannhaus working on the beginning stages of his time machine in his clock shop in 1974.

H.G. Tannhaus looks at a picture of his son and family and visits their graves. The narrator explains how it's hard for people to accept their mortality. We long to reverse death. With time being relative and simultaneous overlapping of realities is possible, it should also be possible to bring back something that's been dead for a long time by creating a new reality. If our life exists in infinite versions between life and death, couldn't we succeed in cheating death by finding a way, between time, to bring back life?


Noah tells Elisabeth about paradise.

In the caves, young Noah and Elisabeth crawl around and find the Sic Mundus door that served as an entrance to the wormhole. Elisabeth looks at the pocket watch engraved "For Charlotte." Elisabeth then signs to Noah to tell her about paradise. He tells her that Paradise is free of pain and suffering and everything we've ever done is forgotten there. Any pain we've ever felt is erased and all the dead live. He says Adam will keep his promise and the passage will open. Elisabeth closes the pocket watch.


The Stranger working on the God Particle.

At the Tannhaus factory, The Stranger/Jonas works on the God Particle. He sends electrical current from towers to it to try to stabilize it. He climbs one of the towers that is not working but gets electrocuted, sustaining a deep burn to his arm.

The Stranger gets struck by electricity.

The Stranger's arm is badly burned and scarred.

Later, Bartosz tells him that he has promised them a way out of there for ages and of stopping the apocalypse but he still does not know how the portal works. The Stranger assures him that it will work, as he saw it work in the future. Bartosz tells him he does not want to go back or stop the apocalypse.

The Stranger answers that this is larger than they are and the apocalypse, that if the portal works they can use it to find the origin: "the one moment that started all this" and then destroy it and everything that resulted from it: "That is paradise." Bartosz tells him that after being stuck in the late 1800s for two years, he doesn't want his paradise, he just wants to get out of there.

He leaves in anger and goes out into the woods. There he meets Silja (arriving from 2053), who hides the hazmat suit she was wearing under some branches.

Bartosz meets Silja.


Jonas and Claudia working on the God Particle.

The God Particle is covered by some sort of invisible energy field.

Young Jonas and Claudia (similar to the stranger in 1890) try to activate the God particle with electric currents inside the ruins of the nuclear power plant, without success. Claudia tells Jonas they can try again tomorrow and he should not lose faith but Jonas tells her he can't do this anymore.

Jonas leaves.

He returns to his house, goes upstairs to his father's partially destroyed studio and places one end of a rope over the rafter, the other end around his neck, steps onto a stool, kicks it away, and tries to hang himself.

Jonas tries to hang himself.

While he's struggling, young Noah enters, takes out a knife and cuts the end of the rope, causing Jonas to fall to the ground. He loosens the rope from Jonas' neck. Jonas gasps and gets up. He looks at Noah and asks him what he is doing there; if he is following him. Noah tells him that Adam promised him that the apocalypse must happen so that all of them will be saved. Jonas cannot die.

Noah saves Jonas's life.

Jonas tries to shoot himself.

He hands Jonas a gun and places it in his hand. Jonas aims it at his head and pulls the trigger several times but it does not fire. Noah takes the gun and aims it at a wall. It fires. He tells Jonas he can't take his own life because his older self already exists, time won't permit it, no matter what he tries, a force will always stop him. Elisabeth and he have found the passage. Jonas must keep his promise.

Noah takes Jonas to the caves to show him the sealed portal.

Noah takes Jonas to the caves to show him the portal he and Elisabeth have uncovered, which is now sealed. Noah tells him the portal will open up again and then Adam will lead them to paradise. Noah tells Jonas that Adam told him they will become friends before he betrays him.


Bartosz and Silja with their newborn son Hanno (Noah).

Silja is with Bartosz and gives birth to a boy, who they will name Hanno.


Tannhaus assembles a time machine in the bunker.


Noah, Claudia and Jonas (now all older), continue to work on the dark matter portal, but cannot get it to work. Noah says to Jonas that maybe Claudia does not want it to work, why does he trust her? Jonas asks Noah why does he trust Adam, who lied that there was a paradise or another world. He tells him he is not going to become Adam, the portal will work: he has seen it in the future, he can travel back and change everything. Noah asks why Claudia knows what she knows. She is hiding something from them and cannot be trusted. Elisabeth appears: she is now pregnant.

Claudia continues to meet with her alternate world self, who asks whether Jonas suspects anything. She tells him he knows nothing of the alternate world. She must ensure the matter does not yet function. Claudia from this world asks how Eva knows what will happen and whether she has met her older self, which she denies. If all this works, Regina will live but her suffering will repeat endlessly. She points a gun at her and says there must be a way for Regina to really live, which neither Eva nor Adam know but she will find it. She shoots her dead.

Unknown date (alternate world)[]

Claudia takes her orb and travels to see Eva, who asks where the other Claudia is. She tells her Noah is watching her. Eva rolls the blueprints up and hands them to Claudia, telling her to give to her alternate, who should give to Tannhaus, so everything happens again.


Bartosz arrives to find that Silja has passed away during childbirth, but the baby, who she wanted to name Agnes, was born successfully, as young Hanno looks on.


Elisabeth and Noah are outside hanging washing. Adult (2053) Elisabeth and Charlotte watch them, then go inside and find the newborn Charlotte sleeping. Elisabeth is overjoyed to see her daughter again and takes her. Charlotte takes the pocket watch.

Elisabeth and Noah later return inside to find the baby gone. Noah goes to Jonas, grabs him, and demands to know where Charlotte is, whether this is how he has betrayed him. Jonas says he does not know. Noah tells Jonas he wishes him endless suffering. He returns to Elisabeth and promises he will find her. He takes the Triquetra book with him and leaves.


Tannhaus, having assembled his time machine in the bunker, activates it.


Bartosz receives a visit from Hannah, accompanied by a young girl, who Bartosz realises is Silja (recognizing a scar across her face). She tells him she is looking for Jonas. Bartosz tells her he has changed, as travelling has taken its toll on him. He takes her to his study. Jonas is now scarred like Adam. Hannah introduces his sister. He asks how she found him. She tells him an old woman named Eva showed up at their door and said that he needed her. She tells him he is right, she ruined everything but now she is here. He tells Bartosz to get a room ready.

Later he enters their room while they are sleeping. He tells Hannah that Silja is not right here, that they are both in the wrong place. He grabs Hannah and smothers her to death. He goes to Silja and picks her up.


(Older) Noah enters a hotel and asks for a room. Erna calls out to Hanno to fix him a room. Noah looks at him- his younger self. He goes to see Adam, who tells him he did not take Charlotte but Claudia lied to all of them. He asks Noah if he has the book, which has the last pages missing. He tells him he must find them, which will lead him to Charlotte and his paradise. Helge will help him. He hands Noah a bible and tells him this will be his last cycle.


The elderly Claudia tells Stranger/Jonas that the dark matter can finally be stabilized, everything now needs to happen in exactly the same way: He must lead his younger self down the same path and must not act differently and he will then finally be able to change everything. She hands him Tannhaus' book and tells him he will repair the apparatus. He must destroy the passage, with the knot, this time he will get it. He must never give up hope. Claudia rips out the last pages of her diary and puts it in her jacket pocket.


Stranger/Jonas leaves to travel back to 2019 and returns to Winden, as police search for the missing Mikkel Nielsen. He visits teenage Jonas and marks his map so he knows how to find the caves to travel through time. Later he meets Hannah.

Noah asks Bartosz to get into his car. He later goes to Charlotte.

Claudia finds Regina.


Noah is in the wallpapered bunker, setting up the torture chair. Old Claudia goes to visit her younger self at the power plant. Later she goes to 1953 to visit Egon.

The events are all repeated. Noah shoots Claudia. Agnes shoots Noah. The Stranger takes Bartosz, Magnus and Fransiska with the time machine. Adam shoots Martha and young Jonas escapes.

Unknown date (alternate world)[]

Bartosz takes alternate world Martha to Eva's study and tells her that Eva and Adam will save them. Martha tells him that they are the ones that made all this happen but Bartosz says they are the light. Eva enters and tells Martha that she did not believe she could ever do what her older self did but 66 years later she can understand. Some pain is never forgotten. They both share the same pain and scars. She strikes Martha with a knife across the left eye so she never forgets which side she is on. Her side is life, Adam's is death.

September 26, 2053[]

A screaming time travelling Martha sits in front of Adam and is swallowed by the dark matter and disappears. Adam then realizes that destroying Martha and her child, the origin, did not erase all existence and wonders what went wrong, as the elderly Claudia enters.


  • This episode fills in the gaps between the 33 year time intervals and shows how the characters evolved, how Stranger/Jonas becomes Adam from 1888 to 1920, as well as Teenage Jonas becoming Stranger/Jonas from 2019 to 2052 (when he returns to 2019 to guide teenage Jonas and will tell him how he was once in his position: Alpha and Omega). Stranger/Jonas electrocutes himself and we presume that he does this many times trying to get the dark matter to work, the scars turning him into Adam.
  • The Stranger tells Bartosz in 1890 of finding the origin and paradise, things that Adam will do, as he starts to evolve into Adam.
  • Jonas tries to hang himself (as his father did) but he cannot die as his future is determined.
  • Silja is Hannah's daughter. Presumably, her father is Egon, as she was pregnant in The Origin. We first met Silja in Alpha and Omega as the woman who helps Jonas when he travels from 2053 to 1921. Adam needed to send her to the future to help Jonas. She later travels back to 1890, meets Bartosz, they marry and have two children: Hanno (who becomes Noah) and Agnes, the mother of Tronte and grandmother of Ulrich. She dies in childbirth in 1910.
  • We see how Elisabeth and young Noah become married and have a child: Charlotte.
  • Elisabeth from 2053 kidnaps Charlotte in 2041 and takes her to Tannhaus to raise.
  • Claudia, guided by her alternate world self, has been sabotaging Jonas' efforts to make the God Particle work. She kills her alternate world self and takes her place, meeting Eva. She tries to save Regina herself, going against both Eva and Adam. She visits Adam after he realizes his plan has failed.
  • Noah comes to the same hotel that Jonas came to in The Travelers a year later, where he also meets young Noah, Agnes and Adam.
  • In 2019 Noah recruits Bartosz- his father.
  • Eva gives Claudia the blueprints for the time machine to give to Tannhaus, which she does in Everything Is Now.




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