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In Adam's world, Bernadette is a transgender sex worker who operates out of a trailer at a truck stop near Winden. The trailer has "welcome" and "love" LED signs in the windows as well as a red lamp outside. She wears a long thick furry pink coat and uses a yellow umbrella.[1]

In Eva's world, Benjamin Wöller is a minor character that can only briefly be seen in the church, talking to Peter Doppler. It is implied that she has not transitioned to a woman and remained male.[2]

In the original world, Bernadette Wöller is a transgender woman who is briefly seen at the dinner party in The Paradise alongside the other remaining Windeners. She is in a long-term relationship with Peter.[3][4]

Donata Kraus, is a nurse at the hospital in 1986. She asked Ines Kahnwald if she could cover her night shift since someone was sick, and she had to pick up her child, "Benni", from soccer; Ines seemed accustomed to this, as she had no family. [5] Since Benni/Bernadette was born in 1987, this cannot be the "Benni" that Donata Kraus is referring to. [4]

Season 1[]

Peter Doppler has used Bernadette's services in the past, but not since 2018. He was in the truck stop parking lot the night Mikkel Nielsen went missing, but changes his mind and drives to the Doppler Shack and hides out in the bunker reciting the Serenity Prayer just before Mads Nielsen drops through a wormhole in front of him.[6]

Charlotte Doppler confronts Bernadette, suspecting her husband had been to see her on the night of Monday November 4th, 2019. Charlotte discovered that Peter's car was photographed by the wildlife observation camera that he took the SD card from. Bernadette says Peter hasn't been back in over a year.[7]

Upon finishing with another client, she offers her services to The Stranger seen in the parking lot just before he enters the truck with the nuclear waste.[8]

Season 2[]

Magnus Nielsen, suspicious of Franziska Doppler, follows her into the forest to the railroad bridge, where he sees her stashing an envelope. Later, he sees Bernadette arrive to retrieve it, swapping it for another full of money. He follows Bernadette back to the trailer, where he solicits her

.[9] When he confronts Franziska, she explains that she has been providing hormones for Bernadette's hormone replacement therapy; her father used to supply them, but had stopped visiting her.[10] Sheis furious with him for spying on her and mistrusting her, but they are able to reconcile later.[11]

Season 3[]

After de apocalypse in Adam’s world, when Peter and Elisabeth are looking for Charlotte and Franziska, one of the bodies identified on the wall is that of a Benjamin Wöller.

After the cycle is broken, Bernadette is shown as one of the remaining residents of Winden in the original world. She is implied to be in a long-term relationship with Peter, and is good friends with Regina Doppler and Katharina Albers, while her brother Torben Wöller is expecting a child with his wife Hannah. Bernadette makes light of the situation when Hannah talks about her dream of "unending darkness," and joins her friends in toasting to "a world without Winden."



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