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Benjamin Wöller's Trailer was the residence of the transgendered prostitute Benjamin Wöller.

Benni is the owner or guardian of the truck used to hide the yellow barrels offsite from the Winden Nuclear Power Plant in 2019, which was parked in the same truck stop as the trailer.[1] The next year, as the plant operators prepare to shut it down, Aleksander has the waste drums removed from the cave where they are stashed, and stored in the truck. Later, Torben Wöller visits Benni, paying her and receiving the keys to the truck in return, for their secret burial in the plant's old cooling pool when the plant is decommissioned.[1]

DARK Still 104 - Charlotte and Bernadette

Charlotte asks if Benni has seen Peter lately

Benni has has several visitors to both the Truck Stop and trailer:

Behind the scenes[]


Filming allegedly took place at the Dreilinden autobahn service area formerly known as Checkpoint Bravo.


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