The apparatus[1] is a clockwork device that creates a wormhole which opens portals 33 years into the past and future. It was built by H.G. Tannhaus and activated by Jonas Kahnwald.

Function Edit

The function of the apparatus is to create a wormhole which opens portals 33 years into the past and future from the present time, allowing for time travel between the three points in time. Jonas Kahnwald believed the apparatus could also close the original wormhole created in Winden Caves by the incident in the summer of 1986 at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant.

When activated, the apparatus generates a Higgs field, increasing the mass of the Cesium placed in it. An electromagnetic pulse, such as from a smartphone, causes it to implode into a black hole. This is similar to what happened in the incident to create the original wormhole in Winden Caves. [2]

Design Edit

The apparatus was designed from Claudia Tiedemann's blueprints. The clockwork device is made of copper and brass with several cogs and bolts. Three cylinders with a total of nine small switches in front of them.

History Edit

The apparatus is a refined version of the bunker chair, and technical drawings for it and a prototype with big copper coils similar to the chair's ones can be found in the headquarters of Sic Mundus Creatus Est.

Coming from the future, the elderly Claudia Tiedemann brought clockmaker H.G. Tannhaus the blueprints to the apparatus in 1953 and asked him to build it for her. [3] Tannhaus completed it in 1986, but could not activate it.

Jonas Kahnwald visited Tannhaus from the future in 1986 with his own broken version of the apparatus, which he asked Tannhaus to repair. Jonas explained that the apparatus can create a wormhole, but that he intended to use it to close the current one. [4] Tannhaus discovered that he could activate a part of the device using Ulrich Nielsen's smartphone, which was left in his shop in 1953, and Jonas placed the radioactive isotope Cs-137 in a container in the device.

Jonas takes the original apparatus created by H.G. Tannhaus and activates it in the Winden Caves, causing a black hole to open above the town. At the same time, Katharina Nielsen called Ulrich's phone, the effect of which (if any) is unknown. An apparent mixing of the points in time occurred, with a Raider commercial from 1986 showing on the TV in 2019. A physical hole opened in the bunker above the caves, between Helge in 1953 and the young Jonas in 1986. When their hands touched, Helge was transported to 1986 and Jonas to 2052. [5]

Analysis Edit

The two times we see Claudia use the apparatus in 1987, no cellular phone can be seen to generate an electromagnetic pulse. Elderly Claudia uses the machine in the cave near the yellow barrels to go to 1954 to bury the machine as Middle aged Claudia witnesses. [6] Middle aged Claudia uses the machine she dug up in the cave also near the yellow barrels to go to 2020 to see Regina and use the library. [7] Did Elderly Claudia provide her past self a cell phone, otherwise how did Middle aged Claudia obtain a cell phone in 1987?

Notes and references Edit

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