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The apocalypse occurs on June 27, 2020, in Adam's world and November 8, 2019, in Eva's world.


The apocalypse

In Adam's world, it is triggered by the following:

  1. activation of the God particle at the plant in 2053 by Elisabeth Doppler
  2. activation of the twin God particle at Sic Mundus lab in 1921, seemingly by Magnus Nielsen and Franziska Doppler
  3. opening a yellow barrel at the plant in 2020 on the orders of Clausen
  4. the Cs-137 from the open barrel rise to form into a God particle then a stable wormhole between 2020 and 2053 (similar to the end of Season 1 when Jonas and Helge touch through the 1953 and 1986 portal).
  5. Kathrina Nielsen travels through the cave portal moments from 2020 to 1987.
  6. the paradoxical mother and daughter pair touch each other through the portal at the 2020 plant.

The exact nature of the event is unclear. A massive shockwave is seen engulfing the Kahnwald family home,[1] and a sizable blast radius surround the plant is visible from aerial photos in 2053 as well.[2] At the same time, the chamber in which the God particle was located in 2020 remains intact in 2053, and the nearby bunker withstood the blast also intact.

In Eva's world, it is triggered by the following:

  1. opening a red barrel at the plant in 2019
  2. Ulrich Nielsen using the passage in the caves to travel to 1986


Only a few people from 2020 Winden seem to have survived.


Five people hunker down in the bunker:

  1. Young Noah from 1921
  2. Elisabeth Doppler
  3. Peter Doppler
  4. Regina Tiedemann
  5. Claudia Tiedemann from 1987

Time travel[]

Hannah Kahnwald uses Jonas's apparatus to travel to 1954 and does not return to 2020 before the event.

Four people use Noah's portable time machine to escape to 1888 before the blast hits.

  1. The Stranger
  2. Bartosz Tiedemann
  3. Magnus Nielsen
  4. Franziska Doppler

The teenage Jonas Kahnwald and alternate reality Martha also escape to another time using her clockwork time orb. In an overlapping reality, Jonas also survives by hiding in the basement of his house. He later emerges and finds Claudia in the plant. This Jonas becomes Adam.

Katharina Nielsen, deep in the Winden Caves, survives as well. She travels to 1987.

Power plant[]

Charlotte Doppler is pulled into the portal an instant before the apocalypse blast happens.


Other people survive, including Tronte Nielsen.


The total number of casualties is unknown, but may number in the hundreds or even thousands, from the initial shockwave as well as from lingering radiation effects—signs placed around the former plant indicate extreme radiation danger. Aleksander Tiedemann, Torben Wöller, and Justyna Jankowski all have grave markers indicating their death of June 27, 2020.[2] Jürgen Obendorf, Benni Wöller, and Clausen died as well.

The fate of all other characters who were alive in 2020 prior to the event is unknown. These include Jana Nielsen and Ines Kahnwald.



The event devastated Winden. Claudia Tiedemann, in a cassette tape recording, says there were "few" survivors.[2] In the months immediately after the event, several deceased townsfolk were buried with crude gravemarkers in the church graveyard, but it is unclear if this was done by survivors or military response teams. A military checkpoint was set up outside the power plant and required ID checks from anyone attempting to enter the area, and tents at the checkpoint appeared to be where bodies were processed and survivors could check for their family members and acquaintances. In less than a year after the event, the military was ordered to seal off the power plant's grounds by erecting a containment wall, after which the search for further survivors and human remains was discontinued.

By 2052 and 2053, Winden was an abandoned ruin. Heavily armed bands of survivors roamed the town's deserted streets and the surrounding forest, and quad-propeller helicopters, presumably belonging to the military, patrolled overhead to prevent breaches of the power planet area. Survivors took care to avoid attracting the helicopters' attention.[2]

Inside the power plant, the explosion had melted some of the concrete over the pool where the yellow barrels had been stored, and left behind a form of God particle that appeared as a condensed, white sphere with an invisible, anti-electrical field around it. This particle was essentially inert. By 2023, Jonas and Claudia had assembled the apparatus necessary to transmit electricity into the particle in an attempt to pierce the anti-electrical field and reactivate the God particle for use in traveling. That year, they were joined by a young Noah, who intervened when Jonas attempted suicide. Some years later, the group was joined by Elisabeth Doppler, with whom Noah entered a relationship and fathered Charlotte Doppler. When Elisabeth was pregnant in 2040, the group finally succeeded in reactivating the God particle, as it would appear in 2052. Upon the group's falling out over the infant Charlotte's kidnapping, Elisabeth, who had been deeply influenced by Noah's talk of the particle being a passage to paradise that would open one day, started a cult predicated on that idea, and she used the cult to deter and execute interlopers who sought to enter the power plant's grounds and see the God particle.

In Eva's world, the apocalypse had different environmental effects that resulted in Winden and its surrounding region becoming a desert. All surface buildings were obliterated or covered by sand by 2052, but the cave and the bunker remained.

The rest of the world[]

The event also affected other parts of Germany and the world. In The Survivors, in 2020, a news anchor is heard on radio explaining that the Apocalypse had global consequences: electrical anomalies had caused all airplanes that were airborne at the time to crash, all nuclear power plants simultaneously failed and melted down, and oceanic tides had been disrupted and severe tsunamis were ongoing. A team of French scientists had confirmed that the Apocalypse had originated from Winden, and asserted that the explosion had caused the world to stand still "for a fraction of a nano second", which was the cause of the tidal disruption and other natural disasters.



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