Agnes Nielsen is the mother of Tronte Nielsen. She rents a room in the house of Doris and Egon Tiedmann in 1953. She is beautiful and fashionable, as shown by her giving Doris one of her dresses and arranging it on her.

History Edit

Once Agnes was married to a pastor and had a son with him, Tronte. She decided to move in Winden with her son after her husband's death; the license plate on her car suggests she moved from Lower Saxony.

When she arrived to Winden she met Ulrich Nielsen, her grandson, who came from 2019 in search for his son, and asked him to help her.

She rents the room in the Tiedmann's house and she and Doris are experiencing mutual attraction for each other.

When being introduced, Egon asked her why she came to Winden of all places. She said her grandmother was from Winden and always gushed about the town. Egon then asked for her grandmother's name, but they were interrupted by Claudia and Tronte returning from the woods after looking for the missing dog Gretchen.