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"Every family has its secrets."
―Agnes to Doris Tiedemann[src]

Agnes Nielsen is the mother of Tronte. She is a time traveler, a secret follower of Claudia Tiedemann, a member of Sic Mundus, and the sister of Noah. She later becomes the paramour of Doris Tiedemann.



Agnes is born to Silja and Bartosz Tiedemann. Her mother dies during the birth but is able to pass along the name of Agnes to her husband.


Like her older brother Hanno, Agnes works for Erna the innkeeper, who also acts as a surrogate mother to them.

June 22[]

Agnes encounters a teenaged Jonas Kahnwald from the future when Erna takes him in and nurses him back to health, but they do not exchange words.


At some point, Agnes leaves Winden. She meets and marries the Unknown, the nameless son of Jonas Kahnwald and the alternate Martha Nielsen, with whom she has her son Tronte in 1941. It is possible that she began time traveling during this period.


Agnes and Tronte moved to Winden in 1953. Shortly after arriving, she encounters Ulrich Nielsen—her grandson—who traveled back from 2019 while searching for his son. Ulrich gives them directions to the Tiedemann home, where she has arranged to rent a room.[4]

She tells the Tiedemanns that her husband has died, and that her grandmother had always spoken fondly of the town. Tronte tells the Tiedemanns' daughter, Claudia, that Agnes has a brother, but hates him, and they have no other family. Egon Tiedemann inquires after Agnes's grandmother, but they are interrupted by Claudia and Tronte returning from the forest having lost their dog Gretchen, and she never gives an answer.[4]

Agnes soon developed a romantic relationship with Doris Tiedemann.

1921 (time travel)[]

January 8[]

Agnes stands for a photograph with Sic Mundus at the lodge beneath the St. Christopher's church.

Early to mid 1954[]

Despite being a member of Sic Mundus for seemingly all her life, she at some point defects to become a follower of Claudia, straining her relationship with her brother somewhere in the process. It is not clear when exactly she defects, but it is most likely after the photograph in January. It is possible that she left in response to her brother's kidnapping and murder of the children on Adam's behalf. She suggests to Claudia that she used to fear her brother, but not anymore.

In the meantime, she continues raising Tronte and engaging Doris Tiedemann in an affair.


June 23[]

Young Claudia catches Agnes and Doris in the middle of an intimate moment.[5]

Agnes later sneaks into the bunker to meet old Claudia. Claudia tells Agnes that she must betray her to Noah, although the reason why is not yet clear. She is given a newspaper article from that year that describes when and how Claudia dies. Claudia tells Agnes that she must give the newspaper to Claudia when it is time. Agnes goes to meet with Noah in a church and gives him the paper so he can kill Claudia in 1954, being given a position in Sic Mundus as a result.

1921 (time travel)[]

June 27[]

Agnes takes the gun from Noah when he confronts Adam. Adam nods to her and she shoots Noah, killing him.



Agnes is among the Sic Mundus members who traveled to 2053 with Adam. She works with a younger version of her mother Silja, who has not yet given birth to her, and shares a hug with her. Adam gives her the newspaper article detailing Claudia's death in 1954. He tells her that she must give it to Claudia when the time is right and assures her that she chose the right side. She asks Adam whether he will tell Martha Nielsen the true origin of the knot before stepping into the God particle, presumably to give Claudia the newspaper and complete the loop.


The name Agnes originated in Greek as Ἁγνὴ (Agne), meaning pure, and is cognate with Ines. It is the name of an early saint, Agnes of Rome, who by legend refused the sexual advances of a Roman noble, who then reported her to the authorities as a Christian, and was martyred as a result.

Dark color scheme

Agnes in 1953

Like Claudia and unlike almost all of the other characters on the show, Agnes dresses in bright colors.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


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