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"Adam and Eva" is the third episode of Season 3 of Dark. It premiered on June 27, 2020, and is the 21st episode overall.


Charlotte and Ulrich try to piece together what happened in the bunker. In different times and worlds, Jonas and Martha work to gain each other's trust.


September 23, 1888[]

The old Tannhaus remembers when he was a child, when his father read from the book Ariadne, that everything remains the same. His father had a Sic Mundus cane and triquetra ring. His father tells him that his mother loved the play, and would have loved to be with them that evening. He opens a watch which is inscribed "For Charlotte". Tannhaus asks his father why we die, but his father tells him that they are never truly dead, because everything lives on forever in the eternity of time.

The Unknown kills Tannhaus

The Unknown killed Tannhaus in his carriage.

We flash forward to Tannhaus as an old man in 1888. He still has his father's watch and the book Ariadne, as he rides in his carriage. The carriage is stopped and his coachman is stabbed. The adult Unknown enters and tells Tannhaus he knows he is going to town to send a telegram because he wants to tell the world about them--the travelers from the future. He takes out his garrotte wire and moves toward him, telling him that what we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean.

November 5, 2019 (alternate world)[]

Eva tells Jonas that it is a mistake that everybody believes they are independent entities. Jonas asks what this world is--if it is a copy of his world. Eva asks if he remembers what he told her under the bridge: the light, the woods, him, her. Jonas completes it by saying that it is a "glitch in the matrix." He asks her why he is there. Eva tells him that they are Adam and Eva, glitches in the matrix. The reason he is there is to save everyone, his world and hers.

Ulrich informs Mads' body was found

Ulrich had to inform all of his colleagues that his brother's body had been found.

At the police station, Ulrich announces that Bartosz, Magnus, Kilian, Martha, and Franziska found a boy's body on the Doppler property. The clothes and walkman are from the 80s and they found an ID card. He breaks down, and Charlotte pulls him away and tells Wöller to continue. She tells him he does not have to do this. Ulrich tells her that he spent 33 years looking for his brother and that the body had all of Mads' things, which someone held onto for 33 years. Charlotte asks him if it could be the same killer, connected to Mads and Erik. Ulrich tells her he joined the police because when his brother went missing, the detective was a drunken moron and made every mistake he could have possibly made. Ulrich thought he would do it better but had betrayed his wife and was now cheating on the woman he cheated on his wife with. He tells Charlotte he can't do it anymore and walks away.

September 23, 1888[]

Jonas asks Bartosz where he went

An angered Bartosz confronted Jonas when Martha told him who Adam really was.

At the Tannhaus Machinery Factory, Bartosz and Martha enter, as an angry Stranger asks where they have been. Bartosz replies that they have been stuck there for weeks; the apparatus is dead. The Stranger has no idea how anything works and has told them nothing. The Stranger reminds him that this is not Martha, who is really dead. Magnus says that whoever she is, she could be the only way they have to return home. Bartosz asks the Stranger why he had not told them the truth about how Martha died. The Stranger walks out. Bartosz rushes after him, pushes him to the ground and tells him to tell everybody who Adam really is. The Stranger gets up and pushes Bartosz back, starting a fight between them until they are separated by Magnus and Franziska. Bartosz reminds everybody that he had told them all along that Jonas was always the problem and that Jonas is Adam before storming off.

November 5, 2019 (alternate world)[]

Eva shows Jonas necklace

Eva explained to Jonas that he alone could choose if he wanted to save his Martha.

Eva asks Jonas if he ever wondered why he could never let go of Martha, even though he knew they could never be together. There is an invisible ribbon between them which Adam tried to sever to no avail. She shows him the necklace he gave her, and Jonas pulls out his. Eva reminds him they are always bound in this eternally repeating deja-vu. Jonas asks what she wants and why he is really there. Eva tells him that he has already seen what he is going to do: what Adam will do. If he wants to save Martha, he has to choose the side of light and she will become what he has made her. Jonas yells at her he does not have to do anything anymore. He is sick of having all these obligations. Eva tells him to consider what he wants: Should Martha live?

Magnus and Martha confront Ulrich

Magnus and Martha confronted Ulrich when he did not believe they were sober when they saw Mads' body appear.

Ulrich goes to visit Martha. He asks her to tell him what really happened with the dead boy in the bunker. Martha tells him she meant everything she said, that the bunker was empty when they got there, but a body fell down. Ulrich asks if she took anything or if Kilian gave her anything. Magnus enters and accuses him of usually not caring what they do and tells him to leave.

At the police station, Hannah arrives with sweets and asks Charlotte and Torben if Ulrich is there. Charlotte tells her that she thought Ulrich had gone home. Hannah tells Charlotte she looks different and asks if she had a haircut, which Charlotte says no to. Hannah goes to Charlotte and hugs her, smelling her hair. She goes to Ulrich's office and becomes upset.

Meanwhile, Martha asks Magnus if he heard anything in the woods that caused them to run and says that nothing makes sense anymore. She wonders if they were mistaken about how the body appeared in the bunker, but Magnus assures her that he remembers it happening clearly. Martha leaves, telling Magnus she'll be back for dinner.

Eva tells Jonas that everything repeats itself for all eternity because nobody wants to let go: It took her a long time to understand that. He would always choose Martha. And just as he could not let go of his past, she could not let go either. He trusted the path Adam showed him but where did it lead him? He must show Martha how everything is intertwined, and she needs to see her future so she understands what she needs to do. She will follow him as their fate is bound together. Eva hands Jonas a flashlight and he leaves.

September 23, 1888[]

Martha asks to be trusted

Martha asked Jonas to give her a chance to prove herself.

The Stranger tells Martha that she told him he had been to her world, but why can't he remember that? Martha says she does not know but tells him she did not write the letter and that he must believe her. She asks him what Sic Mundus is, and he tells her that Tannhaus' father had tried to bring his wife back to life because he was convinced that the ability to time travel could save the world, as they could prevent errors before they occurred. However, this would not bring salvation, only damnation. Martha tells him that everybody is dead in her world and she needs to change that. She grabs his hand and tells him she wants to prove she can be trusted.

She takes him to where the orb is buried. She opens it up and takes out a small shiny ball. She tells him it is the last one she has and is the only way she can travel back again and hands it to him.

November 5, 2019 (alternate world)[]

The Unknowns approach Eva

The middle aged version of The Unknown told Eva she could have told Jonas what he was going to do.

The three Unknowns enter Eva's study. The adult Unknown sets down Tannhaus' watch, his Ariadne book, and another big black book. He tells her she could have told "him" what path she had sent him on and how it would end. However, Eva says that even if he knew the cycle, he would never stop trying to break it and would not understand that the knot must be preserved and his Martha must die so that all others can live. She takes the black book which contains two keys and the maps of the power plant.

Charlotte goes to the bunker and shines a flashlight around. She notices a red string on the floor which has a coin attached.

Helge looks at a coin, says "Tick Tock," then gets up and leaves.

Martha goes to the Obendorfs' trailer. Jürgen answers her knock. She asks for Kilian, who asks what she is doing there. Martha tells him she was worried because he was not in the dorm. He tells her he was kicked out. Ulrich had called, wanting to know if he had slipped her something. Martha asks if he did, which angers Kilian, which he assures her he would not do. He is sure that the reason people think that is because even though he had not lived in the trailer for 2 years, everybody saw him as trailer trash. He accuses her of only having wanted to be with him to stick it to her parents, not caring about Erik or him. He asks her to leave, which Martha accepts. Jonas watches all this from a distance.

Hannah visits Aleksander and says she is sorry about Regina. She asks Aleksander how he and Bartosz are doing and tells him she wants to offer him a deal, that she has something that was his and wants to return it. She takes out an old plastic bag and asks him if he recognizes it. She tells him that the contents of the bag are safe, but she wants Charlotte "destroyed" and to lose everything.

Charlotte drives to the church to see Peter (who is a priest). She asks him where Helge was last night because Peter had said that they had dinner together. She then asks if, when Peter came to Winden in 1987, Helge still lived in the cabin. Peter says Helge moved to the nursing home. She asks about 1986: if he ever used the bunker. Charlotte shows him the coin and tells him she found it in the bunker and it belongs to Helge. Peter tells her that could not be right, as Helge was with them all night. Peter then gets a call telling him that Helge is at the police station confessing.

Helge confesses to murdering Mads

Helge confessed to murdering Mads Nielsen, much to everybody's surprise

Peter goes to the police station and asks Helge why he is confessing because it makes no sense at all as Helge never left the house. But Helge repeatedly says that he killed the child. Charlotte points out that all the things they found on the child belonged to Mads Nielsen from 1986. Ulrich enters and grabs Helge, asking what did he do to Mads? Helge says to Ulrich "You're alive, it was you." He holds up his coin. Charlotte takes out the coin she found, which is from 1986.

Martha walks through the woods when she is approached by Jonas. She asks him what he wants. Jonas tells her that he has always known her. He reminds her when Magnus knocked her tooth out in kindergarten, when Mikkel put spiders in her shoes, and how, on the class trip in the third grade, when she was homesick, he was there. He says that where he comes from, their pasts are nearly identical. Martha tells him he is mad, but Jonas grabs her and tells her that he knows that she saw herself in the woods last night, which her future self told him. Martha is confused, and Jonas admits that it sounds crazy: he thought so too for a while. Martha asks who he really is, and Jonas responds that he can show her how everything is bound.

September 23, 1888[]

The Stranger places Martha's ball in a bowl. He starts a machine, which produces electricity. It strikes the ball, it starts to form a God particle, but then the electricity cuts out and it disintegrates. Franziska notices Martha has disappeared.

She has gone to her room, where she takes another ball (she lied about giving the Stranger her last one), places it in the orb, twists it, places it on the ground and disappears. The others go to her room but she has gone.

November 5, 2019 (alternate world)[]

Jonas leads Martha into the cave. They enter a door marked "Let there be light."

Helge is placed in a cell.

September 23, 2053[]

Time-traveling Martha (with scar on her cheek) comes to the power plant and opens a door. Adam asks her if she gave "it to him." Martha nods. Adam tells her he was always too gullible but she did the right thing. The God particle nearby throbs.

Future (alternate world)[]

Jana welcomes Jonas and Martha to the future

When Jonas and Martha made it to the future, they were welcomed by middle aged Martha.

Jonas and Martha exit the cave into a desert. A woman approaches them, her face covered. She removes her coverings and tells them "welcome to the future."


  • The unknown: He who has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret because if his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips.
  • The unknown : what we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean.



  • Adam and Eve, in the Abrahamic tradition, are the first humans. God creates a paradise, the Garden of Eden, for them to live in, but they disobey Him and are expelled.
  • Tannhaus reads from the book Ariadne, the same play performed by Martha in Deja-VU. Sic Mundus and triquetra originated from the old Tannhaus' father in the early 1800s, as does the watch inscribed "For Charlotte".
  • The Stranger Before Killing Gustav Tannhaus cites the following sentence from Freud, already quoted by Clausen in Beginning and Ending and also written in the letter sent to Clausen and which Clausen has Aleksandr read in The White Devil. "" He who has eyes to see and ears to hear can convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he speaks with his fingers; the truth oozes out of every pore of him. "
  • Apparently the unknown kills Gustav Tannhaus only to get hold of the watch with the CHARLOTTE engraving. In any case, the news of travelers over time would have spread, even without issuing the telegram that Gustav Tannhaus wanted to send to everyone to make them aware of the presence of travelers.
  • Bartosz and Jonas fight as they did in Alpha and Omega.
  • Martha in 2019 has no scar under her eye, unlike the Martha who traveled to 1888. This shoud suggests to us that they could be Martha travelling from slightly different time periods
  • Old Martha of this world deceives Jonas by saying that if he wants to save his Martha he has to be on the side of the light that is with her, but Jonas should know that what he wants to save is the Martha of his world, not of this. and old Martha tells him. She says that she trusted Adam and that led him to where he is now.
  • The Unknown tells old Martha that she could have warned Jonas about his fate exactly like adult Magnus tells Adam when he sends Jonas from 1921 to June 2020 on An Endless Cycle. Martha's answer, however, is different because she says that Jonas will never understand that we have to preserve the knot and that her Martha must die in order for others to live.
  • The control plans that the Unknowns give to Martha are those of the Central volumes and there is a connection with Bernd's speeches with Claudia in 1986-1987 in the episodes Past and Present, Everything is now and Lost and Founds , which talks about the accident and toxic waste and also about the God particle
  • In series 1, The Stranger sends Jonas the globe of light (which comes from the future) while here Martha gives Jonas a lamp for darkness, similar to the globe of light.
  • Ulrich in the alternate world neglects his children but not because Mikkel is missing. He is also neglected by his childeren since ha has left Katharina and he seems now interested only about Mad's corpse just discovered.
  • Ulrich explains to Charlotte why he joined the police in the same way as explained in Truths in the other world, that is, why he promised himself to find Mads since the inspector at the time was an alcoholic. We must therefore assume that an alcoholic Egon Tiedemann exists in this world as well. Ulrich is a double traitor and has destroyed his family. Ulrich listens to Charlotte saying they have to stop but Charlotte in this world is not as vengeful as Hanna in the other. Hanna is vindictive in this world anyway.
  • Hanna finds Charlotte more beautiful (probably to please Ulrich) and hugs her to see if she smells like Ulrich's sweater, As in the other world Kathrina hugs Hanna in the episode Truths
  • In the alternate world, Hannah is being cheated on and visits the police station to look for him, instead of Katharina.
  • In the bunker Charlotte finds 1 pfenning coin, while in the other world she found a piece of the 1986 Bunker upholstery.
  • Both the bunker and the staircase are mirrored between the two worlds. The Obendorf house and trailer are mirrored.
  • Hanna goes to Central and also in this world she has Aleksandr Kohler's gun and passports and blackmails him: she wants him to destroy Charlotte, so not the one she loves and who is betraying her but the one who is the cause of the betrayal by Ulrich. We have to assume that Aleksandr committed crimes similar to those of the other world in 1986, certainly identity theft.
  • In both worlds Martha breaks off the relationship she has. In Adam's world she leaves Bartosz to follow Jonas, in this she leaves Kilian but no one knows to go with whom, for the moment.
  • Kilian is a misfit who lives in a dormitory and occasionally visits his parents.
  • Even in this world Peter arrived in Winden in 1987 after Helge had an accident in 1986 (of which we do not know the details). Following the incident we assume that Helge was always kept in the Doppler home while in the other world he was immediately placed in a nursing home.
  • In this world Helge goes to the police station while in the Double Lives episode he went to the cops at the Caves.
  • The unknowns give Eva the two keys to the power plant they took after killing Bernd and Claudia's assistant as well as Tannhaus' watch and Ariadne book after killing him. They give also the detailed design of the control volume room of the Nuclear Power Plant and safety procedure
  • In the alternate world, the door in the cave is marked "Erit Lux" instead of "Sic Mundus Creatus Est". Erit Lux means "There Will be light" and recalls the division between dark and light narrated by Old Martha. Obviously Martha adfirms that her world is the light.
  • The woman with the scarf welcomes Jonas and Martha to the desert of the future and says "Welcome to the future Martha". This sentence is similar to what Szila says to Jonas in Alpha and Omega just arrived on November 12, 2019 after touching 1986's Helge in the time gate.
  • This Hannah asks Aleksander to destroy Charlotte rather than Ulrich.
  • Adam says the Stranger was gullible to think she had no other fuel and decided to stay there, maybe the Stranger believed she would be there for love.
  • Martha looks perplexed at the dark matter in 2053 in front of Adam as she just before she looked at the one created by the foreigner in 1888.
  • In this world Peter is a Protestant pastor who can therefore marry and have children


  • Why does the Stranger not remember having been to Martha's world if she took the teenage Jonas there?
  • At the minute 28 and after having talked with Old Martha, Jonas come out from the cave. Why? He is already in 2019 in the Erit Lux's lair. Is he come back from another time and then go back to 2019 or Erit Lux'a lair is in another time ?
  • How do unknown travel where they want in time and worlds?
  • Old Martha says that Adam tried to cut the knot, killing the Martha of his world. So she knows Adam somehow: how? From who ? Jonas is not making any reference to Adam.
  • Old Martha has the Saint Christopher pendant and says he gave it to him but Jonas has one just the same. How is it possible?
  • What is the relationship between Martha and the Unknown?
  • In Martha's world who are "the others" who will live if the Apocalypse still kills everyone?
  • Alternative Martha doesn't explain why The Stranger doesn't remember meeting her but she didn't write that letter: is she lying?
  • Adam must be in possession of the sphere himself or know who has it and have recalled it to him. It is not clear how


  • Jonas in the alternate world goes to the cave with Martha on Nov.5 , 2019. Hence we can only argue that the years connected, in this new world, are 2019-2052-1986 which is in any case coherent with Mad's disapperance also in this world 33 years ago. Apocalypse in this world still has to happen and we presume that nuclear incident already happened in the summer, the passage in the cave is open and working also because "No Stranger" can close it.
  • Gustav Tannhaus's mother was called Charlotte and we discover the origin of the watch with the inscription Charlotte. We can assume that it is a legacy of Gustav Tannahus to the Sic Mundus association headed by Adam who then gives it to Noah in 1921 who then leaves for 1986 and 2019, in which he will give Elisabeth this watch.
  • In this world Peter is a Protestant pastor who can therefore marry and have children
  • The Stranger, thanks to the alternative Martha fuel, obtains the dark matter that we have already seen in 1921 and 2053 and we assume that he will try to stabilize it, since we have seen that Adam has been capable to have achieved in 1921. The alternative Martha escapes because she has other spheres and she has done his mission, that is to give the fuel to the stranger to allow him to create the God particle in the future and become Adam and then travel to the future until 2053. We have to assume that the fuel stocks that Martha has alternative were given to her by Adam.
  • Now we know that Adam, after the Apocalypse of 27.06.2020, went with the God particle until 27.06.2053 and has been there for 3 months in the Central. We have to assume that the only way he could use was the blot with the God particle in Sic Mundus' lair, since the caves do not allow travel to the future, the time machine does not work and has no sphere. In 2053 there should also be Elisabeth and Charlotte.



  • "Inside" by Chris Avantgarde, Red Rosamond
  • "Partita for 8 singer: No.3.Courante" by Caroline Shaw, Roomful of Teeth, Brad Wells


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