Adam is the orchestrator of Sic Mundus (a.k.a. the Followers, or the Travelers), portrayed by Dietrich Hollinderbaumer. He is the future self of Jonas, and therefore also the future self of the Stranger.


Adam is first mentioned by two men working in the Winden Caves at the start of Season 2. The younger man reminds the older that Adam has told them they must repeat the cycle; the older, widely believed to be an old Bartosz, senses he will be murdered by the younger man, and tells him to ask Adam why he was taken in and named Noah.[1]

He is much spoken-of by Noah, Claudia, and Agnes, but not seen until "Ghosts," a massively scarred man in a suit standing before a wall of photographs.[2] The teenage Jonas Kahnwald meets him in 1921 when he is brought to the Sic Mundus lair by the Noahs.[3] After several conversations, they use the Sic Mundus device to return him to June 20, 2019, Jonas believing he can stop the apocalypse.[4]

According to Claudia, however, Adam does not want to break the cycle, but perpetuate it, and have Jonas become Adam. Noah confronts him in his study on this matter, but is unable to assassinate him, and Agnes kills him instead. He then dons protective gear and travels to 2020 himself to shoot Martha Nielsen, traumatizing Jonas to ensure the cycle will indeed repeat.[5]



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