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2020 is the year in which the central storyline of Season 2 of Dark takes place, over the week of June 21–27.


  • Inspector Clausen is appointed to take over the police investigation of the disapperances in Winden
  • The cancer-stricken Regina Tiedemann declines admission to the hospital, preferring to stay at home
  • Martha and Bartosz break up
  • The Winden Nuclear Power Plant is decommissioned, and Aleksander uses the occasion to cover up evidence of the 1986 incident
  • Elisabeth discovers a photo of Noah from 1921 looking the same as he did in 2019
  • the adult Jonas visits Hannah and introduces her to time travel using the apparatus; Charlotte and Katharina are subsequently brought into the circle
  • Katharina discovers Jonas's Winden Cave map and orb light and investigates the Winden Caves in search of Ulrich and Mikkel
  • Martha, Magnus, and Franziska force Bartosz to demonstrate the use of the apparatus
  • Hannah uses the apparatus to travel to 1953, and does not return
  • Claudia Tiedemann from 1987 visits the library to research her fate and the fate of her family, then visits Regina
  • Clausen, suspecting Aleksander of murdering his brother, has him arrested for identity theft, and obtains a search warrant for the power plant
  • Peter, the older Jonas, and the middle-aged Claudia attempt to usher their friends and family to the safety of the bunker, with mixed success
  • The police discover the secret stash of Cs-137 at the power plant
  • The older Jonas travels with the teenagers, and the alternate universe Martha travels with the teenage Jonas, to save them from the apocalypse
  • The apocalypse wipes out Winden and almost everyone in it


The following main characters appear at their "natural" ages in 2020: