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This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2019.




  • Jonas Kahnwald wakes up in the morning and goes downstairs. He sniffs the milk to check if it's fresh for cereal before being spooked by Michael Kahnwald. The Kahnwald family has breakfast, and Michael is uneasy about going for Ulrich Nielsen and Katharina Nielsen's anniversary party. Michael refuses to go, due to his anxiety over his former life reforming. When Jonas is about to leave to hangout with his friends, Michael experiences déjà vu upon seeing Jonas' raincoat. Hannah Kahnwald tries to comfort Michael and have him explain his problems, but he chooses to stay in the house to finish his painting.[1]


  • Michael Kahnwald commits suicide by hanging himself in his attic art studio. He leaves behind a Suicide Letter encased in an envelope that reads, "Do not open before November 4, 10:13 P.M.", which was later furtively retrieved by his mother, Ines Kahnwald.[2]



  • Jonas Kahnwald wakes up from a nightmare about Michael Kahnwald's suicide. He goes downstairs for breakfast, finding out that the power is out and, after smelling the milk bottle tip, the milk wasn't fresh. He calls out to Hannah Kahnwald, who is secretly making love with Ulrich Nielsen. However, Jonas is aware of their affair. Before Ulrich leaves, Hannah tells him that she loves him, but he doesn't reciprocate, saying she's beautiful.
  • Jonas cycles to the Winden Main Intersection to find a missing persons poster for Erik Obendorf.[2]