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1987 is the fourth year introduced in Season 2 of the Dark Series.


June 22nd [1]

  • Old Claudia talks with Claudia at Power Plant with Gretchen
  • Old Claudia departs to 1954 via Apparatus as Claudia witnesses
  • Noah meets Mikkel outside of cave
  • Older Egon visits Helge in Hospital asks about Mads and 1986 interview
  • Old Egon visits Old Ulrich in Asylum but still doesn't know who he is
  • Hannah & The Stranger arrival from 2020 via Apparatus to see Ines & Mikkel
  • Claudia digs up apparatus in her yard

June 23rd [2]

  • Helge departs to 1954 via upgraded Chair sent by Noah
  • Claudia visits Helge at Hospital about book gift and he says don't trust Noah
  • Old Egon visits Old Ulrich again and reveals he is Ulrich
  • Claudia visits Old H.G Tannhaus who explains bootstrap paradox about book
  • Old Egon tires to talk with Mikkel about parents but Ines doesn't let him
  • Old Egon visits Claudia at plant and tells her he has cancer
  • Old Egon visits Old Ulrich again this time with Mikkel's photo and Ulrich attacks him
  • Claudia departs to 2020 via Apparatus to 2020 to see Regina

June 24th [3]

  • Claudia arrives from 2020 via Apparatus and comes home to find Teen Regina sleeping

June 25th [4]

  • Claudia asks Old Egon to move in with them
  • Claudia meets with Old Bernd to discuss God Particle and has it analyzed
  • Ines steals medication from Hospital to drug Mikkel
  • Old Ulrich escapes Asylum and meets Mikkel and tries to take him to cave
  • Ines calls Old Egon to help get Mikkel back and Old Ulrich is arrested again heading toward the cave
  • Teens arrive from 2020 via Apparatus and go to bus stop as Old Ulrich is taken away by police
  • Teens depart to 2020 via Apparatus to go home

June 26th [5]

  • Claudia starts God Particle recordings to cassette
  • Claudia goes to Old Egon's first chemo treatment and he tells her time travel is real
  • Claudia and Old Egon struggle at his apartment and he falls hitting his head and dies
  • Jonas arrives at Claudia's house and she has to come with him to the future
  • Hannah arrival from 2020 via Apparatus (midway point) to see Ulrich via stolen apparatus
  • Hannah departs to 1953 via Apparatus to see Ulrich via stolen apparatus

June 27th [6]

  • Jonas takes Claudia to Yellow barrels to get sample telling her they may be able to change the small things
  • Jonas and Claudia depart to 2020 via Apparatus/Cave to re-open cave passage


Main characters appear as their "natural" ages as follows:

  • As Teens: Regina, Aleksander, Katharina
  • As Adults: Claudia, Ines
  • As Seniors: Egon, Bernd, H.G Tannhaus

Time travelers:

  • As Youths: Mikkel
  • As Teens: Magnus, Martha, Franziska, Elisabeth, Bartsoz, Jonas
  • As Adults: Gretchen, Noah, Helge, Hannah, The Stranger
  • As seniors: Claudia, Ulrich


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