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1954 is the fifth year introduced in Season 2 of the Dark Series.


June 22nd [1]

June 23rd [2]

  • Arrival from 1986 via upgraded chair, young Helge (missing for over 7 months) but doesn't speak to Greta only to Noah
  • Young Claudia walks in on Anges & Doris
  • Young Claudia asks young Tronte to show his penis
  • Old Claudia gives Agnes article about her death in bunker and tells Agnes to betray her to Noah
  • Anges tells Noah, Old Claudia has missing pages of the triquetra notebook but she knows where Claudia will be. However, Agnes wants to rejoin Sic Mundus
  • Egon visits Ulrich in cell since Young Helge's return
  • Old Claudia visits Egon and she apologizes but Egon doesn't understand, tells Young Claudia she was a witch
  • Old Claudia visits H.G. Tannhaus to give his book and says he will have to explain the apparatus to her younger self some day
  • Noah kills Old Claudia and takes missing notebook pages. He gets upset about finding out Charlotte is his daughter with Elisabeth as her mother

June 26th [3]

  • Autopsy of Old Claudia, Egon thinks her an accomplice of Ulrich
  • Egon shows Young Helge photo of Old Claudia, Young Helge says she is the White Devil
  • Hannah visits Police Station and goes with Egon to visit Ulrich at the psychiatric hosptial
  • Hannah comes on to Egon after realizing Ulrich still loves Katharina and his family
  • Arrival from 1987/2020 (double hop) via Apparatus, Hannah to visit Ulrich via stolen apparatus & comes on to Egon


Main characters appear as their "natural" ages as follows:

Time travelers:

  • As Adults: Hannah
  • As Elderly: Claudia


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