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1921 is the year in which Sic Mundus or "The Travelers" have a church built over the top of their secret lair and lab. They have also created the entry with the metal door and dead-end tunnel inside the cave but the passage won't be opened for another 32 years.


  • January 8th, 1921 a photo of Sic Mundus [1]
  • Teen Noah and an older man, (later revealed to be Bartosz), are working on the tunnel and teen Noah kills him with a pick-axe for losing faith. [2]
  • Adult Noah tells teen Noah not to lose faith [2]
  • Adam orders adult Noah to find the missing pages [2]
  • Noah lies to Adam about finding the notebook pages after killing the elderly Claudia [3]
  • Jonas arrives from 2053. He is found by farmers and assumed to be a POW. [4]
  • He is taken in by Erna and provided room and board where he meets young Agnes and teen Noah. Teen Noah has seemingly been expecting him.[4]
  • Jonas tries to find his way back to 2019 through the cave but discovers the passage is still closed. Teen Noah tells him it will not be open for another 32 years.[4]
  • Teen Noah takes Jonas to the church where he discovers Sic Mundus and meets Adult Noah and Adam who is an adult version of Jonas. [4]
  • Adam talks with Jonas of time travel and shows him the various time machine plans & God Particle Twin. [5]
  • Jonas travels back to June 20, 2019, a day before Michael's suicide, via the God Particle Twin portal. [5]
  • Adam has St Christopher medallion [5]
  • Old Magnus asks why they didn't tell Jonas the truth about his role [5]
  • Noah tells Teen Noah he must travel same path as he did [6]
  • Teen Noah travels to June 27, 2020, the day of the apocalypse, to go into the bunker via the God Particle Twin portal [6]
  • Noah tells Adam he did find the notebook pages off Old Claudia and he tries to kill Adam with a gun [6]
  • Agnes kills Noah instead with same gun [6]
  • With the help of old Magnus and old Franziska?, Adam travels to June 27, 2020, the day of the apocalypse, to kill Martha and circle the calendar [6]
  • Sic Mundus eventually leaves their lair for 2053.






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